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It depends on the model. Some can hold children from 6 months until about 3 years old, others can cater for infants from birth up to about 4 years.

Most models go on the weight of the child so be sure to check the manufacturers instructions.

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Q: How old can a baby be in the stroller itself?
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Who was the inventor of the baby stroller?

William Kent created the first version of the baby stroller in 1733 in England.

What double stroller will a baby trend car seat fit?

A Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Is a baby stroller an adaptive device?


What exactly are bugaboo prams?

A ���pram�۝ is the British name for a baby transporting device commonly called in North America by the name of ���baby carriage�۝ or ���stroller�۝. A Bugaboo pram is a baby stroller manufactured by the company Bugaboo known for their classic baby stroller style.

How much does a Baby Jogger City stroller cost?

A Baby Jogger City stroller can cost anything from $200-$350. You can purchase this stroller from many stores such as Walmart, Target, and Khol's. Out of all stores, Target sells this stroller for less.

What type of baby stroller is the best for traveling?

The best baby stroller for traveling would be a baby stroller system which combines elements of both a carseat and a stroller. A high handlebar which doesn't cause back strain and heavy duty wheels that can accommodate any type of terrain is also advised.

Something used to carry a baby?

A stroller!

Where can one purchase a Combi double stroller?

One can purchase a Combi double stroller in stroller selling stores. These stores are mostly baby equipment selling stores. For example, Baby's R Us and Toys R Us both might sell this stroller.

What are the safety features of this stroller?

The Baby Trend Phantom Jogger Stroller comes with a 5-point harness.

How is a baby stroller made CP?

There are no baby's in clubpenguin so that means that there are no baby strollers.

Where can you get a free baby stroller?

there's nothing free on this world. However, if you have a friend or relative who had a baby and is willing to give you the stroller she/he bought for free, then ask her/him for it politely.

When can a baby sit in a regular stroller?

It is 18 months. This is typical for a baby though.