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Q: How old do kids start preschool in china?
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How old do have to be to work in china?

Children in China start school at age 6, or shortly before their sixth birthday. Stanford University's Rural Education Project reports that China is testing programs to provide 'preschool vouchers' to improve educational readiness for rural preschool children.

Were is the day care center in Pokemon black?

on route 3 there are preschool kids at a preschool there is an old man standing outside a house that is the day care.

What features does nickjr have for preschool activities and kids games?

Nick JR has many different preschool activities for preschool children. He has many different old school games. Musical chairs, puzzles, crafts and arts as well.

When does a baby go to preschool?

Children usually start preschool when they are 4, sometimes 3.

How old are you when you start school in China?

you would be six years old

How old are you when your in Preschool?

Preschool children are usually 4 to 5 years old, but they can be younger.

Where is Mortimer Hall Preschool?

Mortimer Hall Preschool is in Old Marston Village, UK.

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What grade should a 5 year old be in?

Preschool/pre-kindergarten or kindergarten. Kids who do go to preschool or pre-K (it isn't required so not all kids do) usually turn 5 during that time, and are also 5 when they begin kindergarten.

What grade should a 4 old be in?


When do kids in start school in Guatemala?

at five years old

How old do children go to school in china?

they start school alt three years old