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How old do you have to be to do a paper round?

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It is 13 years old in the UK. If you want to become a paper girl

/ boy and are under 13 then apply for a paper round a few months

before you are 13.

i have been to about 7 different websites and the only awnser i got

is 13

"11_if_you_are_up_to_it" id="11_if_you_are_up_to_it">11 if you are

up to it

13, in England but when you ring up for any vacancies of paper

rounds you normally ask how old you have to be just to checkk and


hope i helpeddd

to start you have to be a teen at the age of 13 years of age

well i think its about 13 or 14 but you have to wake up at like 6am

and get to the news agent at 7am before school to do your


It varies in different places but its normally 13 or 14 some places

will let 12 year olds but no one does in my area


12yrs and older as long as u have a bike.

you dont have to be 12 you can be 10 all my friends have that

job and they are no older than 10 years and im getting one

State laws specify at what age children can work. Most states allow

a 12 year old to have a paper route, but check for your state. And

you may have to get a permit from your school. And the newspaper

company will know what the rules are.

depending on child labor laws in your state 13 or 14

This will depend upon the newspaper that you will be working for.

Many newspapers will allow you to be 14 years old and deliver

papers for them.

The legal age to get a paper route in most states is 16. However,

this can vary greatly between states. Therefore, check with your

local Workforce Center to find out for sure.

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