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men do not eperience menopause, but do experience a similar condition. This lowering of hormonal output can occur at any time, and is usually a natural result of aging.

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Q: How old do you have to be to get menopause?
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How old is too old to be a surrogate mother?

When you hit menopause

How old is the oldest person to go through menopause?

62 years old.

Is 62 to old to start menopause when already had full hysterectomy?

If you had a full Hysterectomy, you are already through Menopause, nothing left to do..

Menopause at 45 years of age is it possible?

Menopause is very common at the age of 46. Most of the time, menopause starts in women at the age of 45. However, some women may get early menopause in their 20's.

What is wrong when a 62 year old women has a period?

Late menopause.

Can a 53 year old get pregnant?

it's possible if they have not yet reached menopause, most western women reach menopause between the ages of 45-51 but some women don't reach menopause until much later.

Can a forty year old woman go into menopause?

maybe yes maybe no

What is the age when a woman gets old?

It's basically after menopause that is 45-55

What is the effect of menopause on lesbian relationships?

Both women in the relationship gp through menopause. So the only affect would be getting old and not really in to sexual activity.

Can you still ovulate at 49 years old?

If you've not been through menopause, yes.

Can anyone get pregnant after 45 years old?

Yes but it's harder. There's always a risk of pregnancy until you have entered menopause fully and menopause usually start around 50.

Am I too young to start menopause at thirty two years old?

No Menopause can happen at any age. Women in there teens can reach menapause. If you think you have signs of menapause go to your doctor.