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How old do you have to be to play airsoft?


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Well it depends where you are playing most places you need to be at least 9 years old and have a full face paintball mask, really I thought it was 18 years old. But if your playing in your backyard or some where personal its your choice. If your an adult and your child wants to play airsoft it all depends on the guns fps because some of them can hit harder than a paintball gun such as 550 fps.Try to teach your self or child basic gun safety like the 2 most important facts always where goggles and never point the gun at some one you don't intend to shoot i hope this helps have fun and play safe!!!

Well, it depends are you talking about backyard or competitive. For basics If playing with friends go over rules and signals (if used). And if playing in large numbers use colored rags or paper to signify teams (again if being used).

Also go over safety if playing with beginners or if playing with young children.I play and its awesome so i dont care if you're 2 or 20 i believe its your choice

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If you mean how old you have to be to play airsoft, as young as your parents will let you, although I think you have to be 18 to be in an official tournament.

You must be 18 to buy airsoft guns.

There is no minimum age to play airsoft in Ohio, as long as one is wearing eye protection.

You must be 18 to purchace airsoft guns and equipment. Depending on the field they may let you play as young as 13 with a waiver.

Yes. A 12/13 year old can play airsoft, but make sure they are mature enough to understand the "dangers" such as, injuring someone's eye, ect.

If you meant to ask how old you have to be, there is no legal age limit, you can play at any age.

You can play airsoft at a local airsoft store if it has a field and you are alloud to play, but my recomendation is to just play airsoft in some woods, any kind of woods, as long as it doesn't break the

If you know how to work one you can. But you are not old enough to buy one

Yes they can with supervision, and the right protective equipment

you have to be at least 12. But in order to by one you have to be at least 18

airsoft is more fun played both airsoft is more realistic

Here in the Philippines the allowed age is 18 but if below 18 it must be with his/her parent if he/she wants to play airsoft... also below 18 is not allowed to join the Open FPS game...

For younger ages, no. Airsoft can be dangerous.

You can only play airsoft on your property or with the owners permission.

I only know of two places you can play airsoft they are: In your backyard or an airsoft/paintball fields. Youalso want to avoid playing in public areas

You can play airsoft in any weather. has Ghillie suits and vests to keep you warm in the cold so you can play airsoft at anytime of year. Check out for airsoft accessories and guns.

well im 13 and i can only get in to a couple airsoft fields with out my parents but it really depends on the field you go to. but mot of them if you are 8-15 years old you need to have a parent/gardian on the field at all times but ussaully if you are below 8 you can not play airsoft (on a field) but if you wanna play backyard airsoft that's fine but check your towns laws first.

Federal Airsoft is located in Worcester, MA. They claim to be the largest indoor Milsim airsoft facility.

It is legal, but you have to own the area. It is illegal to play airsoft on public property.

No, I do not. Thanks for the question though. Honestly, what were you expecting with a question like that..

Most sites only accept 12 yrs and up

Learning how to play the Airsoft Warzone game is easy. In the game you have different missions and you try to shot bad guys to get the mission done.

No it is illegal sorry.

it all depends on what role you play so you need to tell people what role you play (i.e. how do you be a good airsoft sniper)

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