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A female goat can become pregnant when she is one year old.


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They are pregnant for about 150 days (6 months), they can become pregnant when they are 6-10 months so that she can deliver when she is one year old.

A goat kid becomes an adult goat when it is a year old.

After she has been mated with a buck.

how do you know when a goat is pregnant

Yes a goat has to get pregnant before it will produce milk.

No, this is just impossible. No man can ever get a goat pregnant.

Not until she is at least 12 months old.

Not until she is at least 12 months old.

The standard answer is four to five months old. That said I have seen goats as you as four weeks mounting females in heat.

No. A rabbit has to be at least 1 year old to become pregnant. This is incorrect. They can be breed or become pregnant for 5-6 months on.

When she gets to a particular weight or is at least 12 months old.

Yes. It is safe to eat the goat meat when pregnant.

There is not many ways to know if the goat is pregnant right away. A person will know for sure if a goat is pregnant when her stomach get larger and she starts having milk.

I think you should find a very tall bridge, and throw the goat off it... as goats can be asses as farthers.....

If the male goat is the father of the kids, then probably. Sometimes a male goat that is not the father of the kids will protect, but not always. In my advice, do not put the pregnant goat near any males but the father.

the symptoms of a pregnant nubian goat is when the goat gets really fat and moody and they demand your self respect but even to know, that goat is the love of your life and you can still get a boner!

A pregnant doe. or a gestating doe.

they can become pregnant/mate as early as 3 weeks after they were born.

They can become pregnant at 4 months old.

It is recommended that you don't get your goats pregnant until they are at least 12 months of age so that they have properly grown in size and pelvic capacity.

There is no starting age to become pregnant. The youngest girl to ever have been pregnant was only 5 years old! If a girl has a period she can become pregnant.

2 months. At the earlyest. But it's better to wait til 1 year old.

If you are old enough to become pregnant you are old enough to breastfeed.

Girls can become pregnant after receiving their period

she can become pregnant at five months i think.

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