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Thirteen (Because it ends in teen-thats where the word teenager came from) Thirteen. The word "teenager" is derived from the root of thirteen-nineteen, which all end in "teen".

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Q: How old does a person have to be a teenager?
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Are you a teenager at ten years old?

No, you're not. A person whose age is 13through 19 years old is a teenager.

If you are 9 years old are you a teenager?

No. A teenager is anyone from thirteen to nineteen.

A sentence with the word teenager in it?

Jeremy, who is thirteen years old, is a teenager.

How old is too old to get nose pierced?

if your not a teenager don't do it but if you've had it since you were a teenager and your not past 40 its ok

How old is lakeyva tatyana pipkin?

She is NOT 19 !! Where did you meet her ?? Online ?? I know the name and the person and she is a child/teenager .. but no where near 19.

Can A teenager Date Someone Who Is Five Years Older?

Depends on where you live, how old each person involved is, and if it is a sexual relationship.

How old do you have to be a teenager?

By definition a teenager is anyone aged thirteen to nineteen.

How does a teenager develop Autism?

A teenager doesn't develop autism - a person is autistic from birth.

How old our you when you become a teenager?

you our 13 years old

Who was the first teenager to get pregnant?

The first teenager was a 5 year old girl and the second was a 9 year old girl

Why does an old person need less energy in their diet than a teenager?

An older person needs less energy (calories) in their diet than a teenager because in general, an older person is less active than a teenager. In addition to this, the metabolism of an older person is generally a little slower than a younger person too. There is a calorie requirements calculator under Related Links below, which will help adults of all ages determine how many calories are needed in their diet.

How old do you have to be to be a teenager?

Thirteen to nineteen.

How old do have to be to be a teenager?

Thirteen to nineteen.

How old is Teenager link?

About 17.

How old are teenager?

Thirteen to nineteen.

How old are elephants when they are a teenager?


How old is temara melek?

She is a teenager.

Are you old when you are 16 years old?

No because you are just a teenager

Is teenager a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'teenager' is a common noun, a general word for any person between the ages of 13 and 19; a general word for a young person; a word for any teenager anywhere.

How old you after be when your a teenager?

13 is when you turn into a teenager and 14 is a 'used to it' teenager and when you hit age 18 your teenage years are over and you start adulthood.

What 1year old mean a child or teenager?

1 year old would be a child or a toddler. A teenager is between 13 and 19 years.

Is a teenager 13?

AnswerYes, a 13-year-old is considered a teenager. The teenage years are from thirteen to nineteen. if a number has the word teen in it it means your a teenager

How old is a teenager?

The ages of eleven to nineteen.

How old was Abraham when he became a teenager?


How old is the teenager?

when they get their unicorn powers =3