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How old is Ash in Diamond and Pearl?

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2015-12-13 00:14:12

As of the first episode (of which is titled In the Shadow of

Zekrom) of the Pokémon Black and White anime television series

(the season is called "Best Wishes" in Japan) the Narrator in both

the Japanese version as well as the English language-dubbed version

refer to Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in the Japanese version) as being 10

years old.

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2012-01-29 21:44:28




Acctuly in season 14 at the begging the voice over says hes still

10 so that's wierd

ash *in my calculation* should be about 18-22 now but he only looks

a little older than what he did at the begging of Pokemon , Misty

is the same age as him, Brock say about ummm maybe 28 because hes

like 6 years older than ash & misty, dawn is 13, may is 16

*cant remember how old max was when he started traveling w/ them.

uhh im improving this and ash is 14 misty is 17 brock is 21 dawn

is only eleven retard and may is only thirteen god thnk about how

long a season is and who will gtet it and entire region including

the time afetr is only one year


Actually ASH is always ten and he never changes no one ever ages

in the show until they announce so, but by then I think the pokemon

franchise would be over

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