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How old is Ash in Diamond and Pearl?

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βˆ™ 2012-01-29 21:44:28

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Acctuly in season 14 at the begging the voice over says hes still 10 so that's wierdash *in my calculation* should be about 18-22 now but he only looks a little older than what he did at the begging of Pokemon , Misty is the same age as him, Brock say about ummm maybe 28 because hes like 6 years older than ash & misty, dawn is 13, may is 16 *cant remember how old max was when he started traveling w/ them.

uhh im improving this and ash is 14 misty is 17 brock is 21 dawn is only eleven retard and may is only thirteen god thnk about how long a season is and who will gtet it and entire region including the time afetr is only one year


Actually ASH is always ten and he never changes no one ever ages in the show until they announce so, but by then I think the pokemon franchise would be over

2012-01-29 21:44:28
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2015-12-13 00:14:12

As of the first episode (of which is titled In the Shadow of Zekrom) of the Pokémon Black and White anime television series (the season is called "Best Wishes" in Japan) the Narrator in both the Japanese version as well as the English language-dubbed version refer to Ash Ketchum (Satoshi in the Japanese version) as being 10 years old.

2015-12-13 00:14:12
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Q: How old is Ash in Diamond and Pearl?
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How old is Ash as of Diamond and Pearl?

10?? i think

How old is ash ketchum in diamond an pearl?

He should be 13, however sources say he's STILL 10

Who is Ash from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Ash is a character from the Pokemon anime; he doesn't appear in the games.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how old is ash?

10. Always 10. Even when he's 11 he's still 10.

Who is the main charactor in Pokemon?

Ash, of course! Ash is the main character for the first 2 or 3 (cant remember how many versions there were before Diamond and Pearl) series. There are 2 main characters in Diamond and Pearl, Ash Ketchum and Dawn.

What episode did ash get turtwig?

at episode 5 of Pokemon diamond and pearl

In what series does ash meet dawn?

ash meets dawn in Pokemon platinum.Pokemon pearl and the Pokemon diamond series

What is the actors name that plays Ash Ketchum in diamond and pearl?

jordon meehan

Who plays ashes voice in diamond and pearl?

Sarah Natochenny does the voice of Ash .

Does Ash ever get Aipom back on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimensions?

No,but I wish he did!

What episode does dawn leave ash?

in diamond and pearl which is 654 memories are made of bliss

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl dose Dawn like Ash?

YES!they are only friend but i know that they will be couplesNo, Dawn may like Ash, but Ash likes Misty!

How old is Conway from Pokemon diamond-pearl from episode Tag Were It?

It has not been stated in the series yet. It can be assumed he is around the same age as Dawn or Ash.

What Pokemon episode did ash dressup as a maid?

Ash dressed up as a maid in the Diamond and Pearl episode number 062, 'Tanks for the memories!'.

What season does ash meet lyra in Pokemon?

Season: Diamond & Pearl Episode: "An Egg Scramble!"

Pokemon what are ash new pokemons in diamond and pearl?

Ash has these 6 Pokemon with him right now.He has a Pikachu,Buizel,Staraptor,Gliscor,Grotle,and Monferno

Is Ash Ketchum Real?

Yes,but you don't battle him in Heartgold and Soulsilver,but you can Battle him in Pearl,Platinum and Diamond.

Where is ash ketchum in Pokemon pearl?

Ash Ketchum is not in Pearl.

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which trainer has a Leafeon?

In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl, you find a old man at route 212 with a Leafeon.

Who voices Ash in Pokemon Battle Dimension?

Sarah Natochenny is the actress who voices Ash Ketchum in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Battle Dimension.

Where is old chateau in LeafGreen?

old chateau is in pearl, diamond,and platnium

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl how old is dawn?

10 years old

Where is the old chateau in Pokemon firered?

The old chateau is in diamond and pearl

What Pokemon will ash have in season 10?

Pikachu as always but will also have turtwig and apom (season 10 is diamond and pearl)

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what episode did Paul and Ash be double battle partner?

In "Smells Like Team Spirit!"