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Bridget Verdant, also known as Mew Mew Bridget, is 14 years old in the "Mew Mew Power" anime series.

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Bridget is 14 in mew mew power because she was 10-11 in tokyo mew mew

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Q: How old is Bridget from mew mew power?
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How old is Bridget verdant in mew mew power?

she is 14

What religion is Bridget in mew mew power?

she is a sene islam

Who does Sardon love in mew mew power?

he likes Bridget

How old are mew mews in mew mew power?

Zoey:11-3 Corina:1014 Bridget:0-14 kiki:8-9 renee:!4-18

Is mew mew power great?

Yes mew mew power rox zoey hanson corina bucksworth Bridget verdant kikki Benjamin renee Roberts!

Who are the 13 mew mews in mew mew power?

Just to let you know, there are only 5 mew mews. There names are Zoey, Corina, Bridget, Kiki, and Renee.

Can you tell all mew mew power couples?

Zoey and Mark, Zoey and Ryoe, Zoey and Dren Ryoe and Bridget, Bridget and Pie Kiki and Tart I'm pretty sure that that is it

What is Bridget from Mew Mew powers?

a porpoise

How old is Corina in Mew mew power?

11 tokyo mew mew 14 mew mew power

How old are the characters in mew mew power?

The characters in Mew Mew Power, also known as Tokyo Mew Mew, are teenagers ranging from the ages of 12 to 16. The main characters are around 13-14 years old.

Does sardon love Bridget in mew mew power?

yes, kind of but Bridget doesn't . Bridget likes Elliot. in a episode, Elliot was in deep danger under the sea Bridget dives in and then the blue aqua turns Bridget into a mermaid with a finless porpoise tail and swims. she got Elliot and kissed him and swam up. i hope this helped

In mew mew power who does each mew mew love?

Zoey : Mark Bridget-has a crush on a guy at the libry but kisses elliott in Tokyo mew mew kiki-i wouldn't say shes in love tarb but has complicated feelings