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as of 2011 she is 26.....27 in october

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How old is carmen from gorge lopez???

George Lopez is about a family of 4. George. Angie, Carmen And Max. They all do stuff.

In George Lopez (Not the night show, But the show that goes on Nick N Nite) she is. But in reality she's not

No. Anna Kendrick did not appear on the George Lopez show. You are probably thinking of Masiela Lusha who played the part of Carmen Lopez.

In the show it's Carmen Consuela Lopez

She did once but George didn't like it

I think she is 20 or 21

george,angie, vic, carmen, max, bennie, ernie

George, Angie, Carmen, Max, Ernie, Benny, Vic, Veronica

George Lopez is 56 years old (birthdate: April 23, 1961).

George Lopez - George Lopez Constance Marie - Angie Lopez Masiela Lusha - Carmen Lopez Valente Rodriguez - Ernie Cardenas Luis Armand Garcia - Max Lopez Aimee Garcia - Veronica Palmero Emiliano Diez - Vic Palmero Belita Moreno - Benny Lopez

7 George angie Benny Vic Carmen Ernie max

George Lopez: George Lopez Constance Marie: Angie Lopez Luis Armand Garcia: Max Lopez Masiela Lusha: Carmen Lopez Valente Rodrigez: Ernie Cardenas Emiliano Diaz: Vic Palmero Belita Moreno: Benny Lopez

Consuela Manuel Lopez + Benita Diez Victor Palmero + Emilina George Lopez = Angie Consuela Palmero Carmen Consuela Lopez AND Maximilian Victor Roberto Magic Johnson Lopez

George, Grandma Benny, Carmen, Max, Angie, Ernie, Vic

George and Angie do not have another child. In one episode Angie fakes being pregnant after she told George she was pregnant but the test was in accurate.

Max is his son, Carmen is his daughter, Benny is his mother, and Angie is his wife.

In the show he has 2 Carmen and Max. In real life he has a daughter .

She got accepted to college on season 6 episode 1

yes but i'm not sure in what episode

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