The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon)

How old is Eragon?

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he's 17, they show his birthday in i think eragon or maybe eldest

EDIT: At the beginning of Eragone he is 15, a few pages later he is 16. So by the time the last book ends (Inheritance) he could be anywhere between 16 and 19.

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How old is roran in Eragon?

roran is 17 in eragon

Does arya ever fall for Eragon?

no she doesn't. she says eragon is too young for her. she is hundreds of years old and eragon only 17 years old!

How old is eragon in book one of the inheritance cycle?

Eragon is 15.

In book 2 of Eragon how old is his Dragon?

I am rereading that book, I believe Eragon mentioned that Saphira was eight months old.

How old is Eragon in the first book?

In the first book of the Inheritance Cycle Eragon is stated to be about 15, almost 16 years old.

How old is Eragon in the inheritance?


How old is Saphira in Eragon?

Saphira is hatched in Eragon, so she's just a baby. But Saphira's egg was hundreds of years old, but nobody kn ows how old she truly is.

How old is roran bigger than Eragon?

Roran is a year or two older than Eragon and is has a broader build.

How old is murtagh?

In eragon murtagh turns 18 seven months before meeting eragon so, in eldest he is around 19 - In the movie Eragon Garrett Hedlund plays murtagh and he is 25.

How old when garret hedlund when he played murtagh in Eragon?

He was 22

What is the description of the main characters in Eragon?

eragon: he is a 15 yr old farm boy. black hair. saphira's rider. Murtagh: 18 yr old. brown hair. not much els is known about him in the beggining of Eragon. Arya: a 100yr old elf but looks like shes in her 20s. black hair. Saphira: shaphire blue dragon. eragon finds her egg in the forest and she hathes for him. she is eragon's dragon.

Who is the actor of eragon in the movie eragon?

Edward Speleer.eragon

Who is the author of 'Eragon'?

Eragon was written by Christopher Paolini.

When was Eragon released?

The movie Eragon was releast in 2006 staring (Edward Speelers) as a 15 year old year old, who finds a blue stone that turns out to be a dragon who's name is Shapira.

In Eragon the movie who will play eragon?

Ed Speleers played Eragon in the movie.

What is the dragon called in Eragon?

In Eragon the dragon is called Saphira and her rider is Eragon

Is the Eragon Jewish?

Eragon does not have a religion.

In the book 'Eragon' what's the lead character or main dragon's name?

The main characters of Eragon are Eragon and his dragon, Saphira.

How was Christopher paolini when he wrote Eragon?

He started at the age of fifteen years old.

Is Eragon a boy?

Yes, Eragon is a boy.

Who is the star character in the Eragon movie?


Who played Eragon?

In the Eragon movie, Ed Speleers, a British actor, plays the character of Eragon.

What is the falling action of Eragon?

the falling action of eragon is when eragon defeats Gulbatorix, the evil ruler.

Who are the riders in Eragon?

Book one in the Inheritance Series is called Eragon. The only known riders in Eragon are Galbatorix and Eragon himself, though at the end of Brom's life Eragon learns that he too was once a rider.

How many Eragon movies are out now?

There is only one Eragon movie called Eragon out right now.