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How old is Jay Hernandez?

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Jay Hernandez is 39 years old (birthdate: February 20, 1978).

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What is the sexual orientation of Jay Hernandez?

Jay Hernandez is straight.

When was Jay Hernandez born?

Jay Hernandez was born on February 20, 1978.

Is jay hernandez on Twitter?


Is jay hernandez filipino?


What is Jay Hernandez's birthday?

Jay Hernandez was born on February 20, 1978.

What is Jay Hernandez Relationship Status?


When did jay hernandez get married?

The summer of 2006

Who is the actor Jay Hernandez engaged to?

Jay Hernandez is married to his former Hang Time co star Daniella Maria Deutscher. They were married in in 2006.

Does jay hernandez have kids?

As of August 2014, Jay Hernandez does not have any children. He is currently married to Daniella Deutscher. The couple have been married since 2006.

How old are Bruno Mars' siblings?

Tiara Hernandez is 36 years old.Eric Hernandez is 44 years old.Tahiti Hernandez is 33 years old.And Presley Hernandez is 30 years old.

Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez starred in this movie?


How old is Cesar Hernandez?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Cesar Hernandez is 24 years old.

How old is Roberto Hernandez?

As of the 2014 MLB season, Roberto Hernandez is 33 years old.

Is Jay Hernandez still married?

He married in 2008 but has since gotten divorced

Are Jay hernandez and Daniella Deutscher married?

Yes. They are. Good qestion thou!!!

Who is jay hernandaz dating?

Jay Hernandez Dated Model And Actress Daniella Deutscher In 2000 They Got Married In The Summer Of 2006

How old is Keith Hernandez?

Keith Hernandez is 57 years old (birthdate: October 20, 1953).

How old is David Hernandez?

David Hernandez is 28 years old (birthdate: May 31, 1983).

How old is Chuck Hernandez?

Chuck Hernandez is 50 years old (birthdate: November 11, 1960).

How old is Javier Hernandez Balcazar?

Javier Hernandez Balcazar is 29 years old (birthdate: June 1, 1988).

How old is Larry Hernandez?

Singer and songwriter Larry Hernandez is 41 years old (birthdate March 10, 1977).

Is Jay Hernandez Married?

Yes He Is Now To His Hang Time Co-Star Daniella Deutscher

Is jay hernandez dating vanessa ferlito?

No, He's Married To Model And Actress Daniella Deutscher

How old is Samantha Hernandez?


How old is Gabriella hernandez?


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