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136 years old

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Q: How old is Molly Pitcher right now?
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Why did molly pitcher die?

Molly Pitcher had died of old age and when she got old she got sick and died

In what country did Molly Pitcher die?

Molly pitcher died in the United states and was buried in old cemetery, Carlisle Pennsylvania.

How old was Molly Pitcher when she was getting married?


How old is molly brown?

Molly Brown is dead now but she lived to be 65 years old

Where and when did Molly Pitcher die?

she died in Trenton, Pennsylvania and died of old age

At what age did molly pitcher die?

January 22, 1832 87 yrs old

What was the name of the disease that Molly Pitcher die from?

i dont know u should know Molly Pitcher died from old age when she got sick. She died of old age. There are different reports of Mollie of who and what she did, I believe I have read in school that She had the role of bringing WATER TO COOL the CANNONS, eventually, manning the cannon. A great female heroin. remarried and then died of old age

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What sickness did Molly Pitcher have when she died?

everyone fought disease in those days, but Molly Pitcher was not known for specific acts relating to disease. Her legend says that when her husband was wounded at the Battle of Monmouth, she stepped into his place servicing a cannon.

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How old mattyb right now?

Mattyb is 9 years old right now

What was the cause of Molly Pitcher's death?

She was 87 years of age so it was likely old age.