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How old is Steve Perry?


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Stephen "Steve" Perry (of Journey) is 68 years old (birthdate: January 22, 1949).


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Yes, Steve Perry is the father of Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, and Neil Perry. However, he is not the same Steve Perry from the band Journey. Their father is a pediatrician in Mississippi.

Steve Perry isn't married.

Bradly Steve perry does not have a girlfriend

Yes. Steve Perry is still alive.

Steve Perry is the name of their dad, but it is NOT the same Steve Perry that is the lead singer of Journey. Their father is a pediatrician in Mississippi.

No, Steve Perry from Journey is not related to the country music family band, The Band Perry. However, the father of Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry and Neil Perry is also named Steve Perry.

Steve Perry was born on January 22, 1949.

Steve Perry isn't and never has been married.

Steve Perry did have a dog, but currently he has two cats.

Steve Perry was born in Hanford, California.

Steve Perry had a successful hip surgery in 1998.

The band is made up of siblings Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry, and Neil Perry -- and though their father's name is Steve Perry, he's not that Steve Perry. He's a Mississippi pediatrician -- not a rock star.

As interesting as that might be, no, Steve Perry and Katy Perry are completely unrelated.

One daughter. Her name is Shamira.*Note: Kimberly Perry, Reid Perry & Neil Perry, who make up the group The Band Perry, are not the children of Journey's Steve Perry. Their father, also named Steve Perry, is a pediatrician who practices medicine in Greeneville, TN.(See attached link for photos of this Steve Perry.)

I hope Steve Perry return to the band. Journey without Steve Perry und Steve Smith is not Journey. Please Steve`s .... return. if Steve Perry returns to the band it will make my day. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEE RETURN SO I CAN SEE YOU LIVE AS I CAN'T WITH THIS NEW GUY :( As he is not you! We love you Steve Perry!!

No, he is not. Their father is indeed named Steve Perry, but he is a pediatrician in Mississippi.

Bradley Steve Perry is 13 (in 2011) his birthday is on the 23 November 1998! Hope this helps!

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