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How old is a Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 940?


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My dad and I bought a Stevens Mod. 940 single shot 16 gauge at a hardware store in 1950.

model # 940

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i have a model 940 E 410 shotgun how old is it and what is it worth

Stevens 940 shotguns have a letter after model number is a way to date this gun?

Your shotgun is likely a Stevens Model 940, made by them for Sears. This was made from 1961-1970. Value is about $100-$125, depending on condition. Depsite relatively low price, these were good "utility" grade shotguns.

I just paid 100.00 for the same gun from a gun store in philly. I was told that I was given a good price. I just paid $90 for a Stevens single shot 20 ga in Hartford

i would start my serch at numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.If you have no luck try e-bay,,or guns america.

Try here: They have a parts breakdown of the model 940, and keep some of the parts in stock. I have one of these Savage Stevens model 940 .410 shotguns also. Good luck on yours!

You might find one at a gun shop, gun show or at

It is a Savage Model 94. See item 47 on this webpage:

The JC Higgins 101.40 is a version of the Savage/Stevens 940/947 series. Should be a single-shot shotgun. Made probably in the 1960's, value definitely tops out at $100.

Model 940a pore shape what is it worth

Are you sure it's a 940 and not 94-C? According to the Blue Book, Model 94's were made from 1926 to 1945. If you really need to know more exactly when it was made, you can get the Stevens historian's address from the Savage Arms website and send him $15.

I would look to Numrich gun parts corp.Their exploaded view of this model and parts description should be able to help you identify the bolt size.

Between 50-140 dollars,depending on overall condition.

The gun says 16 gauge model 101.40 Sears and Roebuck Co. purchased 51 years ago. I have it in my hand! 2 3/4 inch chamber selected forged steel with 28 inch barrel full chokeThe sears model 101.40 was made for sears by stevens.The stevens model 940 is the same firearm.These were made in the early-mid 1960,s.the value of these shotguns depending on overall condition range from 60-130 dollars.

These savage/stevens model 94c were made from 1929-1942.long before serial numbers were mandated by the gun control act of 1968.So there is a strong possability that your stevens does noy have a serial number.

Try calling Savage. I had a Remington .22 and so I called them and they gave me the history on the Gun. Savage might do the same. Are you sure it doesn't say 94C? If it does, then sometime between 1926 and 1945.

We have had(stevens savagen arms corporation USA Chicopee falls mass) for more than 3 generatins.My grandfather has bought it. It is still active.Thin and severe.

Made 1961-1970. Serial numbers were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968. If you gun does not have a serial number, sometime between 1961-1968. If it has a serial number, 1969-1970.

Try hitting the dashboard directly above the fuel gauge. A nice thump might release a gauge one a Volvo.

Try a Stevens 940 and a Springfield 947

I suspect here may be a difference in the sights or stock, but the internals should be interchangeable. You should be able to get a definative answer from either Savage Arms or Numrich Gunparts at the related links posted on this page. *I checked Numrich and the stock numbers for model 94 parts are not similar to those of the 940. The only part listed for the 940A is the stock, so perhaps the other parts can all come from the 940. If you call to place an order, I'm sure they'll help you decide.

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