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My dad and I bought a Stevens Mod. 940 single shot 16 gauge at a hardware store in 1950.

model # 940

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Q: How old is a Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 940?
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What is the price of a savage Stevens model 940 20 gauge shotgun?

Do not get any ideas

How much a Stevens model 940A 20 gauge shotgun worth?

How much is a model 940 worth

When was the 20 gauge Stevens Model 940 shotgun manufactured?

Blue Book of Gun Values might help

How old is the Stevens Model 940 E .410 Gage shotgun?

i have a model 940 E 410 shotgun how old is it and what is it worth

On Stevens 940 shotgun what does the letter's stand for ABC'S and on?

Stevens 940 shotguns have a letter after model number is a way to date this gun?

Is a JC Higgins model 101.1 12 Gauge shotgun a Model 940 or Model 94C?

its a 94c.

Where can you find information about a 12 gauge Sears Roebuck Model 101.40B shotgun?

Your shotgun is likely a Stevens Model 940, made by them for Sears. This was made from 1961-1970. Value is about $100-$125, depending on condition. Depsite relatively low price, these were good "utility" grade shotguns.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Stevens Model 940 single shot shotgun?

I just paid 100.00 for the same gun from a gun store in philly. I was told that I was given a good price. I just paid $90 for a Stevens single shot 20 ga in Hartford

Where do you find parts for a Stevens 20 gauge shotgun model 940?

i would start my serch at numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.If you have no luck try e-bay,,or guns america.

Who made the Coast to Coast single shot 410 gage model 946 E break open with side lever?

It was made by Stevens, the model is: Stevens model 940

Where can you get the ejection mechanism of a 3-inch 410 Stevens-Savage Model 940 shotgun from the 1960s repaired or replaced?

Try here: They have a parts breakdown of the model 940, and keep some of the parts in stock. I have one of these Savage Stevens model 940 .410 shotguns also. Good luck on yours!

How can a get a schematic for a Stevens mod 940 E 12 gauge single barrel shotgun?

You might find one at a gun shop, gun show or at