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You will have to call Browning for an answer.


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first of all dont give out the serial # smart one and check with a archery shop the can give you a estiment I have no idea. I have my dad's B9A 7953.

The Browning Wasp Bow is used in archery. This model of bow is a classic bow created in the 1970s.

1972. The Explorer was built only in the late 60s and early 70s, and used the last digit of the four-digit year as the first digit of the serial number.

How are we supposed to know how old your bow is. But some info is the first compound bow design is owned by pse owner of the browning bow.

The exact year is not documented but the Browning heat compound bow made in the 1970s. Browning Archery was acquired by PSE in 2001.

no bowwow did not date Logan browning

Your question is written so that it almost guarantees that it can't be answered. Without a detailed description that includes, caliber/gauge, type of action and type of weapon (hand gun, shotgun, rifle, bow), it can not be answered without extensive research. Some one would have to check ALL Browning serial numbers for ALL types of weapons to find this particular one.

Browning Fury I and II 's where made by Browning Archery between 1972 and 1975

Chances are it's a 62" bow, made in November of 1967 and was the 13th of that model that year.

I bought my Browning Storm II bow brand new back in 1996 so I would assume the Storm was made before that some time.

I have a 1989 Browning Accelerator Plus and I was wanting to adjust the draw length?

The Browning Ballistic Mirage is not a firearm. It is a Compound bow manufactured by Browning in the 1990's. They can be bought for as little as $25.00.

$85 all together with labor

It really dependes on how old it is. If its between 5 months and 1 year old it could be worth a good 10 grand. If its 2 years + probably between 10 thousand and 5 thousand grand

Mine was passed on to me and was bought in 1991

The Trophy Magnum II compound bow was made in 1991 exclusively for Gander Mountain according to Browning tech rep. I called Browning @ 800-477-7789 to confirm. The bow was never listed in the Browning catalogue and is not covered by warranty and there are no parts available if it breaks. I just had someone try to tell me (in Sept 2010) that the bow was only four years old. Guess they thought I would not check it out.

It depends on the condition of the bow and where you are located, for example is there a lot of great hunting places in your area and are bows common?

The phone number of the Medicine Bow Library is: 307-379-2888.

browning is the best there is because i have a 25 year old brwning and it still works as good as hte new Matthew z7. browning bows last longer and will serv you well my browning goes 275 fps. the name of the browning bow is browning bushwacker xr xr4a

The phone number of the Broken Bow Public Library is: 308-872-2927.

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