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All girls are different. I believe the youngest age is 10, while the oldest is 16.

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9- 16 years.

If you don't get it by your 17th B-day there could be something wrong with you and you might want to talk to a doctor about it.

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Q: How old is a girl when she starts menstruation?
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Stage in a girl's life when menstruation usually starts?

Menstruation usually starts after the breasts have started developing. It normally happens from the ages of 8-16. It will be obvious that a girl is getting near womanhood.

Can an 11 year old skip periods?

Yes, an eleven year old child can skip a period. When a girl first starts menstruation, they are not always on a regular schedule.

The average age at menarche or a girl's first menstruation is old?


How long does a girl carry on growing after menstruation commences?

In females, menstruation can commence at any time between the age of 9 and 15. After menstruation commences, a girl will usually carry on growing until she is about 19 years old.

When does the blood sheds from vagina for the girl to start puberty?

Puberty starts before the menstruation does. When a girl get her period varies so I can not tell you when you will get yours but it is whenever during puberty.

When do menstruation happen?

It starts between the ages of 10-16. Once you start it you will have it every month for about a week. It is okay if your body skips a month. Hope I helped!(: -13 yer old girl that started her period at 10.(:

How old are girl puppies when their cycle starts?

6-8 months old

Do the menstrual circle been counted but from the first day of the month or its from the first day a girl starts menstruating in a month?

The entire menstrual cycle for a human lasts from the beginning of menstruation to the beginning of the next menstruation. Generally around 28 days.

Is it possible for a 15 year old to become pregnant?

as long as the girl has her menstruation ansd is healthy she can get pregnant despite her age

What does it call when a female starts her menstruation flow?

She is beginning her monthly period.

How often do human female make eggs?

A girl is born with all her eggs. They aren't released or usable until she starts menstruation.

Will a girl get puberty because of black menstruation?

If you are having menstruation, you are already in puberty. That's the definition of the word.