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years old

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Q: How old is aboriginal dot painting?
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Did Vance Kirkland use dot painting because he was influenced by Australian aboriginal dot painting?

Vance Kirkland couldn't have been influenced by Aboriginal dot art. Kirkland actually starting painting his dot paintings seven years before the Aboriginal dot trend began.

When did aboriginal dot painting start?


What types of art are there in aboriginal art?

Dot painting

Can you do dot painting without offending Aboriginal people?

yes! just dont do something offensive!

Who made aboriginal dot paintings?

Aboriginal people

What is a dot painting?

a dot painting is something that is painted with sdots!

What is aboriginal dot art made of?

Did aboriginal dot paintings have a symbolic meaning?

Yes. All aboriginal paintings, including dot paintings, had either a symbolic meaning or told a story.

What has the author Roslyn Premont written?

Roslyn Premont has written: 'Tjukurrpa' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Painting, Painting, Aboriginal Australian

When did aboriginal face painting start?


What has the author Vivien Johnson written?

Vivien Johnson has written: 'Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Painting, Biography, Dictionaries, Painters, Painting, Aboriginal Australian 'The art of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Catalogs 'Michael Jagamara Nelson' -- subject(s): Aboriginal Australian Painting, Painting, Aboriginal Australian, Themes, motives

How famous is dot painting?

Pointillism (dot painting) is another method of painting. It is a style popular (famous?) with some past and present artists.

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