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How old is aly and aj?

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Aly is 20 yrs. old

AJ is 18 yrs. old

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Now how old are Aly and AJ?

Aly is 20 and AJ is 18.

How old are Aly and Aj in 2009?

i think aly 20 and aj 20

How old is aly and aj going to be in 2012?

Aly: age 23Aj: 21

How old are Aly and Aj?

Aly is 16 GOING ON 17 AND AJ IS 14 GOING ON 15

Are aly and aj sister?

aly and aj are sister's == ==

How tall are aly and aj?

Aly is 5'8 AJ is 5'6

How old will aly and aj be in 2011?

i think aly will be 18 and aj will be 17 in 2011.if im wrong some one tell me. \

Are aly and aj sisters?

yes. aly and aj michalka are sisters yeah. aly is 2 years older than AJ

Do Aly and AJ have boyfriends?

NoAJ doesn't but I'm not sure about AlyAj does have a boyfriend, his name is Bennett. Aly, does not and is still single.

Who is cuter ALY or AJ?


Who is older Aly or AJ?

Aly is older. Lots of people think their twins and i just told my sister. shes dfoing aly and aj sing it.Aly by 2 yearsAly-1989 Aj-1991

Who is older Aly or AJ Michalka?

AJ Michalka is 18 years old and will be 19 on April 10.Aly Michalka is 21. Born March 25.

Which one is Aly out of aly and aj?

Aj keeps the same type of hair Aly keeps changing her hair style.

Who's AJ that was Joe Jonas girl friend?

Aj is THE sister of aly michalka they have a band called Aly AND AJ.

Who is AJ and alys best friend?

well actually aly is best friends with aj and aj is best friend with Aly

Who born first aj or aly?

Aly was the firstborn

What are aly and ajs real names?

Aly for 'Alyson & Aj for Amanda joy.Aly and Aj are singers you may of heard of them from 'Disney Chanel.

How do you tell the difference between aly and aj?

Aly and Aj are sisters. Aly is visibly taller and older than AJ. Aly Michalka has a mole near her mouth. The sisters will be returning to singing forming a band named 78violet.

How old is aly annd Aj?

(Aly) Alyson Renae Michalka was born on March 25, 1989 20 years old(AJ) Amanda Joy Michalka was born on April 10, 1991 18 years old

Ali and aj?

i think aly and aj is 456

Who was on phill of the future ally or Aj?

Aly was on the show Aly was on the show Aly was on the show Aly was on the show

Is Aly from Aly Aj in twilight?

No but I know who you are talking about the actress who plays Jane. She is not Aly.

Is Aly or Aj cuter?

Aj is cuter than Aly.She's cuter because Aly has a mole near her mouth.

Are Ale and AJ sisters?

Yes. Aly and AJ are sisters.

Are ally and aj the olsen twins?