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When gohan met Master roshi, he was 4 years old and when he started training for a year he was 5

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What is the character move set in dbz tenkaichi 3?

Goku ssj4 or Kid Goku GT or kid Gohan

Is kid buu the strongest character in dbz?

yes he could beat gogeta super saiyan 4 in just dbz gohan could beat kid buu

How old is gohan when future trunks come to the past?

Gohan is 7 when Trunks first appears in DBZ.

Is Kid Buu stronger than gohan?

no youre wrong, the manga clearly states that gohan is the strongest non fused character in dbz

Did kid gohan get grab by the mouth or neck or arms or legs can kid gohan at ssj get free of he was tied up in rope who kneed kid gohan in the stomach in dbz did cell wapped his till around gohan arms?

Kid Gohan only turned ssj when he trained with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta kneed him on the stomach on namek when searching for the dragonballs

Who is Gohan in DBZ?

Gohan is the son of Chichi and Goku.

Are there 2 trunks in dragon ball z because i was playing dbz budokai tenkaichi and older gohan was fighting older trunks but when kid trunks was small he was friends with kid goten and gohan was old?

There are TWO trunks in the series. Future trunks, and present trunks.

How old is Kid Buu in DBZ?


Who is trunks best friend gohan or goten?

In Dbz it is goten, but in the dbz movie history of future trunks its gohan cause since goku got sick goten was never born and gohan was trunks' mentor!

How old is gohan in the buu saga?

Gohan is 18 years old in the Kid Buu Saga. The Kid Buu Saga is part of the Dragon Ball Z series and is the final saga.

What is your favorite DBZ character?

cell game gohan

How do you get future gohan in dbz bt3?

he is a wish from shenron

How do you get kamehameha for Gohan in DBZ Raging Blast?

you cannot get it for him

What episodes is gohan vs broly?

Gohan only fights Broli in the eighth and tenth DBZmovies.

DBZ-Who is Zangya?

zangya is a women, the same race as Bojack and appears in the movie (Movie 9: Bojack Unbound) she barely fought gohan, she fights krillin. She was fighting Gohan super saiyan and when Gohan transformed once more Bojack killed her and fought Gohan

Is there kamehameha for gohan in dbz raging blast?

sadly no there isn't

In which episode of DBZ does Gohan get killed?

In the majin buu saga

Who plays the voice of Gohan in DBZ Kai?

Stephanie Nadolny

What is the girl in DBZ that Gohan likes?

Videl, hercule's daughter

How many masters did gohan have in DBZ?

Gohan had three masters in DBZ. And they were piccolo,Goku, and supreme kai. Althow in DBGT gohan's next master was vegeta after goku left earth

How tall is gohan when he is a kid?

Gohan was about 4"12

Did gohan get punched in stomach in dbz of so by who and did gohan get tied up and gaggged in dbz epsiode and movies did gohan get hadncuff did gohan get tied to a chair and tickled chichi?

yes,by everyone he faced yes yes yes Watch DivX HD Dragonball / Z / GT Episodes Only @

Is gohan older than Goku?

That depends. Do you mean Kid Gohan, or Grandpa Gohan?

What episode does gohan make his first appearance?

Dbz episode 1

What episode on DBZ gohan went to high school?

It is episode 200