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How old is kim kardashion?

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Kimberly Kardashian is 27 years old. Her birthday is October 21st, 1980.

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Which kardashion is pregnant?

The sister of Kim Kardshion, Kourtney Kardashion "WAS" pregnant but had her baby already.

Is Kim Kardashion Going out with Justin Bieber?

No, Kim says " We are just good friends".

Sexiest girl in the world?

Megan fox and Kim kardashion

Is kim kardashion datin Kanye West?

Yes they are dating

Is Kim kardashion pregnant?

Yes she is it says in a magazine. Marissa

What is Kim kardashion number?

Kim Kardashion's number is nun of your buisness if she wanted you to have it she would have told you.

Did reggie bush and kim kardashion break up?

no they are still together

Is Kanye West dating kim kardashion?

yes people say they are dating

Is Kanye West a shark?

Nooo he is a famous singer who is dating kim kardashion

Does kim kardashion have butt implants?

yes she does and her behind is abnormally large. im personally est friends with kim and she told me

Can Armenian's date African American's?

Of course they can, look at Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashion.

Why is kim kardashion is famous?

she is a model,shes in movies and dated and divorced with kris humphries

How old is khloe kardashion?

Khloe is 30

Is Kim Kardashion married?

Yes Kim got married a few days ago. She looked amazing in a Veri Wang dress. She's married to a basket ball player. Congrads Kim :)

How old are kendall and kylie kardashion?

kendall is 14 and kylie is 12

Who is the worlds best model ever?

it is kim kardashian, Khloe kardashian odom, kourtney kardashion, and kendell jenner. you better agree.

Who is kim kardashion dad?

Robert Kardashian is her biological father. He was a third generation Armenian American. He passed on 30th September 2003

Who are the greastest football players of all time?

Personally- Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, and Miles Austin.Did you know both Miles Austin and Reggie Bush dated Kim Kardashion

Who sang we are the world haiti?

i dont no all of them but ther was deffinitly , justin bieber,lil wayne,miley cyrus,pink,kim kardashion,,micheal jackson,janet Jackson. and more!

What celebrities does eminem offend in his song we made you?

Sarah Palin,Kim Kardashion,Lindsey,Jon mayer,Amy Whinehouse (lyrics)in the video its also offeneding jessica Simpson & Bret micheals

How old is han kim?

han kim is 13 years old we are watching you han! han kim is 13 years old we are watching you han! han kim is 13 years old we are watching you han!

Is Kim Kardashian 30 years old?

Kim Kardashian is 31 years old.

Is there an address to mail Kris Kardashian a card?

There is no way to send kris kardashion a letter. However, do buy bop magazienes and look for your star guide and it will show you adresses of famous people. Kim kardahion is mentioned in there.

How old is Kim Schifino?

Kim Schifino is 31 years old (born 1982-1983).

Biography Andy Kim singer?

How old is Andy Kim