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How old is to old for a dog to have puppies?

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The best ages for breeding are between 3 and 5 years of age. It may be safe to breed from a six year old female, but no older.

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When will my dog stop sitying on her newborn puppies?

You dog will stop sitting on the puppies when they are at least 4 weeks old.

When is a dog to old to have puppies?

about 6 yrs

How old can a dog have puppies?

About 5-6 years old

How old can a dog be and have puppies?

it can be any number of years old

Can a dog 7 years old in dog years have puppies?


Can a 17 year old dog have puppies?

you shouldn't get a very old dog pregnant it is unhealthy for them

How old do puppies get?

Puppies get up to 14 or maybe other it depends on the type of dog it is.

Is it safe for a 11 month old dog to have puppies?


Can a 6 year old dog have puppies?


When can you let puppies leave the mom dog?

Puppies should be 8 weeks old or older

Can a 15 year old male dog mate?

can a 15 year old male dog make puppies with my 2 year old dog

Is your dog to old to have puppies?

yes if your dog is over the age of 6 ur dog shouldn't have babies

Can a 5 year old dog still have puppies?


How old can a dog have to be to have puppies?

once they are in heat for the first time

How old is too old for a dog to have puppies?

dogs usually hav puppies around the age of 4-8 OVER 8 THEY CAN die

When is your dog to old to have her first litter of puppies?

I would never breed a dog more than 5 yrs old.

How old does a girl dog need to be to have puppies?

She needs to be at least 1 year old.

How old is a dog before they can have puppies?

Dogs have their first heat at about 6 months old.

Is an eight year old dog too old to have puppies?

Yes but she can have them if you let her get pregnant.

What age can puppies go to a dog park?

it can go to the dog park about 2 years old

Can a six month old male dog make puppies?

he can have puppies but won't make a very good father

Can a dog lactate if another dog has puppies?

probably not. only if that dog has puppies.

When you adopt a dog from a shelter can it have puppies?

it best not to have puppies with a dog from a dog shelter

When will a dog stop having puppies?

in old age or if it is spayed or netured

When can a bichon frise have puppies?

My bichon frise's mother had my dog at 2 years old, so bichon frise's can have puppies at 2 years old :-)

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