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The Springfield/Stevens model 67 shotgun dated from 1986-1989.

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2012-01-23 12:12:17
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Q: How old is your shot gun springfield mod 67h ser no a146074?
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Where can you find an owners manual for a springfield mod 67h 12 ga shot gun with 3 inch chamber?

Want ad, gun show, gun shop

Where do you find the serial number on a Springfield 67H 12 GA?

Springfield 67H 12 GA is a 12 gauge, 3 inch chamber piston. There is no serial number stamped to 1967 models as Springfield only started stamping serial numbers to 1968 models and above. To find out its serial number, take the gun to a local gun shop.?æ

Where can you find parts for a springfield 12 ga model 67h shotgun?

numrich gun parts Follow the Related Link at the right

What is the value of an 1834 Springfield mussel loader shot gun?

I have an 1834 Springfield mussel loader shot gun and would like to know the value of it, and am willing to sell it.

What can you use in a trench?

They used a trench gun aka a shot gun and a Springfield rifle and a Thompson gun.

What does the H stand for on the Springfield Model 67H pump 12 Ga?

The Springfield Model 67 H 12 Ga is a 12 gauge, 3 inch chamber piston. The H on the gun model, stands for handgun.?æ

What gun did James e ray to kill Martin Luther King Jr with?

He shot him with a Springfield 30-06 gun.

Where can you buy parts for your Springfield 20 gauge model 238A shot gun?

Try Brownells or Numrich Gun Parts online.

How can you find a firing pin for a Springfield Arms 410 shot gun made about 1939 or so?


What is a 1955 Springfield Savage pump 410 shotgun ex condition worth?

The value of a 1955 Springfield Savage pump 410 shot gun in excellent condition as of 2014 is 650.00. This gun has sold at auction for as much as 900.00.

What is the price of a 16 gauge shot gun upland sporter made hy springfield arms co?

100-300 USD

12 gauge double barrel shot gun seriel e20187 made by springfield arms company what year was it made?


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