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how old is my ted Williams model 300 shotgun with serial NUMBER273.2500

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Q: How old is your ted Williams model 300 shotgun?
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How do you identify the model of an old Remington shotgun with ser # 232022

How old is a Winchester Model 96 shotgun?

Winchester did not make a model 96 shotgun,they did make a model 97 shotgun however.

How old is the Stevens Model 940 E .410 Gage shotgun?

i have a model 940 E 410 shotgun how old is it and what is it worth

Are there photos of the Ted Williams shotgun?

Yes, it old Sears catalogs.

Can you use steel shot in a Sears Ted Williams 12 gauge shotgun with a 3 inch chamber and variable choke?

According to my brother-in-law, yes. He also has a Sears Ted Williams 12 gauge shotgun with 2.75 inch chamber, model number 300, with silver trigger. His about 40 years old in mint condition and he is looking for a value too. Stock is decorated with silver and ingraving. 1/12/08

How old is a model 12 Winchester shotgun serial number 1185600?

your Winchester model 12 shotgun was made in 1949.

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Which model?

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Winchester shotgun model 97.When was serial number E773554 made?

Your winchester model 1897 shotgun was made by winchester in 1927.That makes your shotgun 84 years old.

How old is your marlin model 1897 12 gauge shotgun serial number 65859?

Marlin made the model 1898 shotgun,while Winchester made the Model 1897 shotgun,A Winchester model 1897 shotgun with the serial number provided indicates that it was made in 1900.The Marlin model 1898 shotgun was made from 1898-1905.

Where is the model number on an old 16 gauge Savage shotgun?

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