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This cross references over to a Mossberg 83B .410, they were made from 1939-1940 see for more information on vintage Mossberg shotguns

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Q: How old is your wards westernfeild 410 ga model 93m-211a?
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Wards Hercules Model 10 single shotgun?

when was the model 10 hercules 410 shot gun manufactured

What is the value of a Wards Hercules 410 single shot model 10?

$35 to $90, depending on condition.

What is the value of a Wards Western Field model 14-SD206A bolt action 410 shotgun?

The value of a Wards Western Field model 14-SD206A bolt action 410 shotgun would depend on it's upkeep. The condition would be highly important in determining it's value.

Will a firing pin from a Stevens 94c fit a wards western field model sb94 tb 410?


What is the value of a Montgomery Wards Model SD10B Hercules shotgun 410 ga?

50-150 USD or so

How old is wards Hercules 410 mod 10 -94a?

The Hercules Model 10 is actually a Stevens model 94. The model 94 was manufactured between 1926 and 1945.

What is the age and value of a Wards Western Field 12 gauge shotgun?

It all depends what model you have. For instance I have a M550AD it is worth about $600. Age also afeects the value. Your best bet is to take it to a gun shop. Mark The Wards Western Field .410 bolt action shotgun's model # is: 15a. It was bought by my Dad in about 1935-1936. Thank you Terry The Wards Western Field .410 bolt action shotgun's model # is: 15a. It was bought by my Dad in about 1935-1936. Thank you Terry

What is the value of a westernfield m150d 410 shotgun?

Your western field 410 shotgun was made by mossberg for montgomery wards(western field).The mossberg model designation was mossberg model 183T.These shotguns are currently valued at between 50-125 dollars.

How old is a Wards Western Field Model 14 bolt action 410 gauge shotgun?

Made by Savage/Stevens, similar to the Model 39A. Figure 1940's.

Who makes a hawthorne 410 model M150B bolt action shotgun?

Mossberg made most of the Hawthorne bolt action shotguns. They were sold as a Montgomery Wards special.

What is the value of a 1929 Model Montgomery Ward Hercules 410 shotgun?

Wards Hercules 410 was made by different manufacturers through out it's history. The early models from the 1920's had no model number just "PROOF TESTED 410 GAUGE" stamped on the left side and "SELECTED FORGED STEEL" stamped on the right side of the barrel. Model numbers were stamped on later guns. They usually don't fetch much $$

Have a western field 410 261896 can you tell me what type of rifle this is?

I will start with the fact that you have a shotgun,not a rifle.The 410 is a shotgun round,not a rifle.Next we will need the western fields model number to identify the maker of your Montgomery Wards shotgun and then can describe what type it is.Chances are if you feel that it was a rifle,you could have a bolt action shotgun chambered in 410 gauge.

Wards western field 410 bolt action 15 when was this gun produce Holds 2 and three quarter inch shells with a built in clip that hold 3 shells?

Montgomery Wards contracted Mossberg to manufacture many of the Western Field guns. Western Field model 15 is actually a Mossberg model 80. While it is not known the years that Mossberg shipped these guns to Montgomery Wards, it is known that Mossberg produced the model 80 gun between 1933 and 1946.

What is the approx value of wards western field 410 GA bolt action shotgun?

I just got a western field 410 shotgun and wondering the value of It

What is the age of a wards Hercules 410 shotgun serial number 56049?

No published sn data

What is the value of Montgomery wards 410 single shot shotgun?

i saw one on auction for 35.00

Where do you find serial number on a wards western field 410 ga no 15a?

your Wards Western Field model 15A was made by the Mossberg and Sons firearms Company.This is the Mossberg Model 83.This shotgun was made from 1933-1946.As such there may not be any serial numbers because they were not mandatory on firearms until the year 1969 with the passing of the gun control act of 1968.

Who made the wards western field 410 bolt action no 15B in 1931.?

Ithaca Gun Co.

What type ammo does a Topper Model 158 .410 use?

410. Have it checked by a gunsmith to verify what length 410

What is the value of a Stevens 410 model 58b?

value of stevens 410 58b

How old is the Stevens Model 940 E .410 Gage shotgun?

i have a model 940 E 410 shotgun how old is it and what is it worth

Model 410 30-06 west point rifles?

Question?????////How much is the westpoint model 410 30-06 worth.

Winchester model 370 410 gauge made in Canada VALUE?

what years were the winchester model 370 410 gauge made

What Winchester 410 shotguns were made in japan?

The winchester model 42 was a .410 pump very like the old model 12 pump

410 mossberg model 183d-a?

the 410 mossberg model 183d-a is a bolt action 410 gauge shotgun with a tree round mag well and has two interchangeable chokes full choke and modified

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