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This is regulated individually by each state/country, so you should check with the driving manual or on the dmv website of the state/country where you are driving. Typically, there is a weight limit for the child, under which they need to be in a car seat. Above that weight, a seat-belt is fine. 80 lbs is about the norm. Some states have different rules for children under 45 lbs.

Your child needs to be at least 8 or 9.

In the UK, your child must use a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall (whichever comes first).

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Q: How old should a child be to ride in the car without a carseat or what is the weight the child should be?
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How old should a child be to ride without a carseat in Colorado?

In 15 years old

How tall your child should be to sit without a carseat in the UK?

The child has to be either 12 years old or 135cm tall (whichever the child reaches first).

How old does a child have to be to ride in a vehicle without a carseat in pa?


How tall does my child need to be to go from a child car seat to a booster seat?

I heard it was supposed to be by weight, not by height, but what do i know.....when they outgrow the carseat

How can I stop my 3yr old from opening his carseat?

If your child has figured out how to get out of his carseat, I would think about purchasing a new (and trickier) one.

Can a child ride in a car without a booster if there 5 years old if there tall for their age?

No, even though the kid is tAll there is still a big danger risk. They should always be in a booster or carseat.

At what age can a child use a booster seat instead of car seat?

a child is permitted to use a booster seat instead of a carseat based on height and weight, not age. the correct weight is 40 pounds and over 38" tall.

In CA how old should a child be to ride in the car without a car seat or what is the weight the child should be?

12 and 4 foot 9

What is the compound word of a seat for a child attached to a car?


Name something in the backseat of your car that would belong to your mom?

purse carseat baby child

Can a child sit in the front pasanger seat if in a carseat?

yes but only if the passenger seat has no air bag.

When is it legal for your child to be out of a carseat?

I know in the us kids are not allowed to be out of a car seat unless the car is parked.

When should a child quadruple its birth weight?

when do infants quadruple their birth weight

What is the law on taking a child from point A to Point B in a vehicle with only two seats such as a corvette?

It may depend on the state you live in, but in CA, you can have a child in the front seat of a two-seater provided that the child is in a carseat appropriate to it's age; infants should be facing backwards.

What is the normal weight of 6 year old child?

lowest weight should be 40 pounds highest weight should be 60 pounds

What should you do if a child is under weight?

If a child is under weight than you should give your child more fruits and vegetables to get them some weight. You should feed them a big meal. The cause might not be that they're not eating enough fruits and vegetables it may be because the exercise they get is destroying their body fat.

Should a child be concerned with weight loss?

Weight loss should never be the concern of a child, but the parents. Children that are pressured about weight loss tend to develop an unhealthy self image and may lead to eating disorders.

How old does a child have to be to ride without a boosterseat?

A child has to be four - six years of age before being able to ride without a booster. It is weight dependant and most booster seats will tell you the maximum weight or age on the packaging.

When to replace a car seat?

You should replace a carseat every few years, because you would be admazed on how often they improve carseats for kids. They always are looking out to make your child carseats safer every year.

What is the average weight of a 12-month-old?

The average weight of a 12 month old child is three times the birth weight of that child. At 6 months they should be double their birth weight!

Why should you get parents permission before you observe their child?

Because its their child and the child is only in your care and nothing should take place without their permission!

What is the average weight for a child in fourth grade?

the weight of a child totally depends on the height but i believe that an average person should way 7 pound an inch.

What Britax car seats are the best convertible type?

Once your child turns one you need to have them forward facing. The Roundabout is actually a great carseat and it will last your child quite a long time.

What is the weight or age for a child to do without a car seat in Kentucky?

any till 3 foot

What should you do if your child is not gaining weight?

It depend on how old he/she is.You should first consult with your physician or medical adviser.