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How old should you have to be to wear make-up?


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September 13, 2011 5:08AM

OK now i say girls should start about 11 or so cause everyone else does and well we all wanna try to fit in. I'm 11 and i wear mascara and blush but it's not only for pimple's can make you have a more appealing look.

Well I'm 10 i turn 11 this year and in my school like little kids wear lipstick and its ridiculous with year 6 i wear eyeliner a light layer of mascara sometimes blush but only a tiny bit of mid pink i wear lip gloss but not at the same time one day i wear foundation blush and lippy but always clear lippy one day i wear mascara and eye liner and foundation and i agree with the first answer it is more appealing and my foundation is so crap i have to use a little brush with liquid foundation and i dab it on top of the powder but ONLY on the pimples and rub it in i hope i helped but that's what we do at our school teachers don't care only the princable does and we never see him but i think the best age to start wearing make up to SCHOOL is 10 and to wear it out is 9 but sometimes 7 because they make little kiddie crap make up that looks stupid so i think 9-10- Tahnee,well I'm 11 almost 12 and i wear make up ! i wear mascara,eye liner,foundation,lip-gloss! NEVER,EVER,DO LIP-STICK! that's for old people not for teens and pre-teens! and i agree that the little kids crap makeup is STUPID! all these answers are 100% true!