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How old the albanian people?

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millions of years old

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There are Trillions of People belonging to the Albanian Ethnic Group. So there are many People with different Ages.

Tha language Albanian people speak is Albanian. Albanian is our official language. Albanian people however, usually speak Italian, Greek and English.

Its a ALBANIAN Origin Name FROM THE ALBANIAN People in montenegro

Written Albanian dates back 800 years, to about the year 1285. Prior to that, there are only theories about how old the language is, but no one is certain.The Albanian language has been traced back to the 13th century.

the hittite people where near to nowdays albanian people and near to etruscan pelasgian race white people and their language can be explain using albanian language

People living in Albania ans some former states of USSR know Albanian.

No Albanian is not Slavic. Albanian is Albanian. Slavic is close to being Albanian, and surrounds areas of Albanian heritage. However, the two are different ethnic groups.

Hi. I am an albanian. The average height of albanian south people is 1.75 cm. The albanians who live in the North in general are slighty taller, about 1.80 cm.

Yes, they are white and European.

Italians believe that people with the surname Albanese(Albanian) are Italian because the last name is given in Italian, not Albanian.

i think it is 100 because Independence was on November

Most people from Albania are... ˙Albanian ˙Muslim ˙Men

Albanian dude, or albanian-italian.,but its more albanian

The name for the people - demonym - of Albania is Albanian.

Ramazan Hysa has written: 'Albanian-English English-Albanian dictionary and phrasebook' -- subject(s): Albanian, Albanian language, Dictionaries, English, English language 'Albanian-English dictionary' -- subject(s): Albanian language, Dictionaries, English 'English-Albanian' -- subject(s): Albanian, Dictionaries, English language 'Albanian-English/English-Albanian Dictionary and Phrasebook (Dictionary and Phrasebooks)'

Yugoslavias is a culture, obviously yu kno tht but its mainly described as albanian people. albanian people are people who follow Islam culture. so bascially Muslim/Islam. does that help yu??

An Albanian person or me.

It is the crest of the old king of Albania.

people dance to albanian music or they have a famous albanian singer to sing at their weddings and they eat dinner, and cake and then later on they have a disco

albanian language in albanian is called shqip,,,or gjuha shqipe,,it means albanian language,,,gj you can pronaunce as j,,so it can be pronnaunced kind of,,,jooha shqipe

An Albanian is a native or resident of Albania or of Albanian descent.

Tony Dovolani is Albanian, but he is not from Kosova. He is from Dibra, Macedonia. He was just sent to Kosova at a very young therefore people believe he was born there.

love in albanian: dashuri

The duration of The Albanian is 1.75 hours.

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