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How old to enter tour de France?

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You cannot enter the Tour de France; the UCI and ASO invite ProTour/UCI sanctioned teams to compete.

"Tour de" basically means "tour of". So tour de France = tour of France.

Tour de France was created in 1903.

"Tour de France on TV" is "(le) Tour de France à la télévision" in French.

Bicycles are raced in the Tour de France

Google "category climbs in tour de france".

bradley wiggins won the tour de france

Tour de France Féminin was created in 1984.

Le tour de France basically means "the tour of France". It's a long race that does cover a considerable part of France.

For a woman to win the Tour, they would have to race the Tour. Currently, men ride the Tour de France and women ride the Tour de France Feminin, which is a cycling grand tour for women.

André Leducq, France, won the 1932 Tour de France

Rene Pottier won the 1906 Tour de France.

Louis Trousselier won the 1905 Tour de France.

The Tour de France will begin in Monaco on the 4th July.

Albert Contador won the last Tour De France in 2009.

There is no entrance fee. The Tour de France is by invitation only.

The Tour de France is not a sport - it is an event.

Try the offical Tour de France website

In 2012 the Tour de France started in Belgium.

Maurice Gauring won the 1904 Tour de France.

The 2012 Tour de France was 3,496.9 km long.

There are always 21 stages in the Tour de France.

TEAM SKY is the team that are in the 2014 Tour de France.

Bernard Hinault has won the Tour de France more than once. He has won the Tour de France 5 times.