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Q: How old was James mclurkin when he invented his most important invention?
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Who invented robotic ants?

James McLurkin

Is James McLurkin still alive today?


When were you born James mclurkin im a fan?

James McLurkin was born in 1972, but it's not known the exact date of his birthday. He is an engineering assistant professor at Rice University.

James watt invention?

James Watt's invention was the steam engine but more improved.

What is James mclurkin's most famous invention?

His Robotic Ants. Each are about an inch across and run on 3 motors. The ants work together, and continue to do so even if half of the group is destroyed or fails in their primary goal.

What was James watt's important invention?

A steam, or atmospheric, engine.

What was James Watt's most important invention?

A steam, or atmospheric, engine.

What did James Dyson first invent?

James Dyson first invention was the sea truck, which was invented in 1970, whilst he was at the Royal College of art. (:

What was James Watt's invention in the 1700s?

James Watt is known for his all important invention of the steam engine which lead to the invention of the locomotive and of the power plants.Even today's nuclear power plants apply the power of steam to make energy.

Who is the person that invented the the chalkboard?

It is said that James Pillans in widley credtited for the invention of the chalkboard but i cant find the time

What is the significance of James Watt's invention?

Now that he has invented the steam engine, we have steam boats, trains , and we can get to places faster.

What invention made it possible to spin many threads at the same time?

The spinning mule, invented by James Arkwright :D