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How old was Leonardo da Vinci's father?

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No age is recorded for Messer Piero Fruosino di Antonio da Vinci, who was Leonardo's father. A link is provided below.

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Leonardo da vincis parents name?

Father: Ser Piero da Vinci Mother: Caterina

What was Leonardo da vincis real name?

Leonardo Da Vinci

What were leonardo da vincis famous paintings?

The most famous paintings Leonardo da vincis were : The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper

What did Leonardo da vincis mom do?

Leonardo da Vinci's mom was a peasant

How was leonardo da vincis childhood?


What was Leonardo da vincis personal motto?

What was,was;what is, is; and what will be,will be

What was Leonardo da Vincis impactinfluence on artists?


What was Leonardo Da Vincis art style?


What was special about Leonardo da Vinci's art?

The special thing about Leonardo Da Vincis art was that it was not comen it was diferent

Who was Leonardo Da vincis dad?

ser pero d'antonio

What was Leonardo da Vincis date of birth?

it was i dont know

Did Leonardo da Vincis work benefit others?


What was Leonardo da vincis design for a parachute shaped like?

a pyramid

Did Leonardo da Vincis helicopter take flight?

No, it was just a sketch.

What was Leonardo da vincis flying machine called?

a flying machine.

What is Leonardo da vincis real name?

Leonardo da vinci's adopted son's nickname was demon for doing devilish things

What was Leonardo da vincis full name?

Leonard Di Ser Piero da Vinci

Was Leonardo da Vinci a dad?

He wasn't really a father by DNA. He adopted a child named Salai...does that count? Salai was actually da Vincis pupil or student.

What was Leonardo da vincis birth name?

it was engal Joseph Leonardo

What were Leonardo da Vincis discoveries?

Click link below and look around!

What was Leonardo da vincis hair colour?

White. Why do u need to know

What was Leonardo Da Vincis role in history?

He always shaped history what ever he did.

What was Leonardo da vincis style of art?

Leonardo da Vinci was a famous artist and inventor. Typically, his style of art has been referred to as High Renaissance style.

What is known about the life of the father of Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo da vinci's father was a notary as was the rest of his family except fot a few exceptions. his fathers name was ser piero and was the son of antonio ( i do not know the fathers full name). the da vincis all lived a life on the farm with little travel except for clients.

Why didn't Leonardo da vincis helicopter need a tail roter?

It did, he just didn't realize it.