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He picked up his first club at 9 months old. And when he was two years old enterd a under 10 driving contest and won

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Who is famous and plays golf?

How about Tiger Woods Tiger Woods

Why was Tiger Woods at the Colts game?

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning are friends. They have even played golf together in a Pro-Am tourney.

Does Tiger Woods own part of the golf channel?

Does tiger woods own part of the golf channel?

Which sport does Tiger Woods play?

Tiger Woods plays golf.

What is the name of the Tiger Woods golf instruction book?

The Tiger Woods authored book is called "How I Play Golf" and has sold over a million copies in just the first edition.

Was Tiger Woods the first black to play golf?

He was no the first, but the first to win a major tournament.

When did Tiger Woods first start to play golf?

at nine months he swung his first club and hit a golf ball

What sport does the famous Tiger Woods play?

Tiger Woods plays professional golf.

What did Tiger Woods do for golf?

He made golf more popular.

Where did Tiger Woods earn his first pro golf paycheck?

Tiger Woods earned his first pro-golf paycheck at the Greater Milwaukee Open in 1996, for around 2500.00 I believe. Now he is averaging closer to 2500 a stroke.

Where can one find videos of the longest Tiger Woods golf swing?

This question is a bit hard to answer. There should be videos of Tiger Woods longest golf swings on YouTube or Metacafe. Tiger Woods has won about 17 World Golf Championships, so he is really good at golf!

Which golf tournament did Tiger Woods most recently win?

Tiger Woods last played the US Open in 2008, which he won after a play off with Rocc Mediate.

Does Tiger Woods half sister golf?

Yes, she is called Royce Renee Woods, fathered by Tiger Woods' dad Earl Woods.

What is the 20Xi logo on Tiger Woods hat?

The 20Xi logo on the Tiger Woods hat is for golf balls. It is the logo for Nike 20XI Golf Balls.

The greatest golf player?

Tiger Woods is the best golf player

How was Tiger Woods educated?

Tiger Woods attended the Unversity of Stanford, on a golf scholarship. He majored in economics.

Is there any tiger PS2 games?

Tiger Woods golf games

What is the Olympic sport that Tiger Woods has competed in?

Tiger Woods hasn't played in the Olympics. If he does attempt to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, it would be for the USA Golf Team.

How is earl woods important in Tiger Woods life?

He taught Tiger Woods when he was just 9 months old to play golf

When was the last time Tiger Woods won a golf tournament?

2009; Tiger Woods' last win in a golf tournament was at the 2009 WGC Bridgestone Invitational.

Was Tiger Woods the first famous golf player?

Personally, I'd say no. Jack Nicklaus is probably the first truly famous golf player.

Tiger Woods jobs before golf?

On his website it says his first job was a cart boy.

Did Tiger Woods go into the Olympics?

No, Golf hasn't been in the Olympics during Tiger Woods' life time.

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