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Q: How old was juliana rose maurillo when she starred in lazytown?
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Who plays Stephanie on lazytown?

Julianna Rose MaurielloJulianna Rose Mauriello played Stephanie on the Lazytown television series.

Who plays Stephanie from lazytown?

Julianna Rose Mauriello

What was julianna rose mauriello first film?


How old was julianna rose mauriello when she was in lazytown?

13 years13

What is stephanie's real name from lazytown?

Julianna Rose Mauriello

What is julianna rose mauriella's age?

Currently 20. She was 13 when she was in LazyTown

She can't really be 18 she looks like 10 on lazytown?

Julianna Rose Mauriello, who plays Stephanie on Lazytown, was born on May 26, 1991.

How old was julianna rose mauriello during the show lazytown?

9 Years Old

Where is juliana rose mauriello from?

she was born in new york usa

Pictures of Stephanie from Lazy Town?

Juliana Rose Maurillio

How old is Julianna Rose Mauriello from LazyTown?

Julianna Rose Mauriello is 26 years old (born May 26, 1991).

What is the name of the actress on the television series Lazytown?

Julianna Rose Mauriello is the actress who played Stephanie.

Who starred in the movie Aloha Bobby and Rose?

Paul Le Mat, Dianne Hull and Tim McIntire starred in the movie Aloha Bobby and Rose (1975).

Who starred as Rose Tyler in the BBC series Doctor Who?


What is Stephanie from lazytown's real name?

Stephanie (also Pinky) Played by actress Julianna Rose Mauriello and on stage played by Kimberly Pena

Who is the girl who starred alongside mia grey in moneytalks?

Mia Rose

Does julianna rose mauriello love Magnus?

Who knows? I wouldn't blame her if she did, but Julianna was 13 to 17 in LazyTown, Magnus was 40+! Not a good age match!

Who starred in the Titanic?

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson Kate Winslet as Rose

Which actress starred in titanic?

The main character Rose was played by Kate Winslet.

What movie and television projects has Julianna Rose Mauriello been in?

Julianna Rose Mauriello has: Played Trixie Bottom in "Bonne Nuit" in 1999. Played Stephanie in "LazyTown" in 2004. Played herself in "The Tony Danza Show" in 2004. Played herself in "Hip Hop Kids: Hip Hop Homeroom Math" in 2006. Played Stephanie in "LazyTown Extra" in 2008. Played Pyper in "A Fix" in 2008.

Who starred in the movie The Titanic?

Rose was played by Kate Winslet & Jack was played by Leonardo Di Caprio.

Who starred with Ashley Johnson in the 1990 Hallmark Commercial?

Sarah Rose Karr from Beethoven and Father of the Bride

What is a quote from juliana in the book flipped?

"I remember bending over and smelling his hair, it smelled so fresh like watermelon". - Quote written by: Tara Rose

Charlie O'Connell the younger brother of actor Jerry O'Connell starred on what rose-carrying reality show?

The Bachelor

What actors and actresses appeared in LazyTown Extra - 2008?

The cast of LazyTown Extra - 2008 includes: Ronald Binion as Pixel Sarah Burgess as Trixie Jodi Eichelberger as Stingy Stefan Karl as Robbie Rotten David Matthew Feldman as Mayor Milford Meanswell David Matthew Feldman as Mayor Millford Meanswell Julianna Rose Mauriello as Stephanie