Khufu (pharaoh)

How old was khufu when he became king?


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king khufu was nine years old when he became king

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King Khufu ruled for twenty-five years and became king at age 16.

Khufu is the birth name of the fourth dynasty. King Khufu became pharaoh after the death of his father. It is unknown how long he reigned.

Khufu (or Cheops) was born around 2600 BC. He became pharaoh at he age of 26 and died when he was 84.

21 yeas when he became king

he was 127 years old when he died :)

Khufu was buried in the Great Pyramid of Giza during the Old Kingdom.

King khufu was 41 when he died

king Khufu married queen hetepheres

King Khufu of courseThe King not a Pharaoh ruled during the time of the old kingdom.

King Khufu died at the age of 44.

David became King when he was 37 year old.

he was 8 years old when he became king

Nobody BUILT Khufu! Khufu was an Egyptian king.

he was 13 when he became king (:

King Khufu how old is the pyramid of Giza

Narmer was 23 when became King.

khufu became the first dynasty pharoah

he became king when he was eight years old and died when he was eighteen years old

King Khufu had 24 child fifteen daughters and nine sons. :)

the great pyramids at Giza was the pyramid bult for king khufu

In some sources they say that king khufu build the pyramids.

i Don't know who Khufu is lol

I think he was eight years old when he became king

Building the largest Giza pyramid for King khufu

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