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77 years old.

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Is marquis de Lafayette french?

Marquis de Lafayette was french.

Were did marquis de Lafayette die?

He died in Paris, France.

What is the name of the sister of Marquis De Lafayette?

What is Marquis De Lafayette sisters and brothers names

When did the marquis de Lafayette arrive in the colonies?

The Marquis de Lafayette arrived in the colonies on 1777.

When was Marquis de Lafayette born?

Marquis de Lafayette was born on September 6, 1757.

What is a significant quote for marquis de Lafayette?

Marquis de Lafayette Loves Amarion James

The Marquis de Lafayette was a valuable of the patriots?

The Marquis de Lafayette was a valuable ally of the patriots

What year was marquis de Lafayette born?

Marquis De Lafayette was born in early 1700's Marquis De Lafayette was not only the 7th child but the smartest in his family.

Was the Marquis de Lafayette a patriot?

The Marquis de Lafayette aided General Washington in the American Revolution.

Where did Marquis De Lafayette live?

AnswerMarquis De Lafayette lived in France.September 6, 1757The Marquis de Lafayette, Gibert du Motier, was born in Chavaniac, France. During the American Revolution, in which he served as a major-general, he resided in Philadelphia. He died in Paris, France.

How old was Marquis de Lafayette when he helped George Washington?

20 years old

Why was Lafayette named Marquis de Lafayette?

His last name was Lafayette and Marquis was his title. Like, a Baron or an Earl.

How old was Marquis De Lafayette when he came to America to fight?

Marquis De Lafayette was 20 years old when he joined in the fight of the American Revolutionary War. The year he teamed up with the American military was 1777.

Who was the Marquis de LaFayette?

Marquis de Lafayette was French military officer. He was young came to help General Washington.

What did the Marquis de Lafayette have to do with the revolution?

The Marquis de Lafayette was a French Aristocrat who fought as a US General in the American Revolution.

Is Lafayette ave named after Marquis De Lafayette?

yes it is

In what war did Marquis De Lafayette fight in?

Marquis De Lafayette fought in several wars but his most famous was the American Revolution.

When was Major General Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette created?

Major General Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette was created in 1891.

Where was Marquis de Lafayette buried?

The Marquis de Lafayette is buried in the Picpus Cemetery in Paris which is also in the Ile-de-France Region of France.

Where was the Marquis de Lafayette buried?

The Marquis de Lafayette is buried in the Picpus Cemetery Paris, Ile-de-France Region of France.

What was Marquis de Lafayette personality like?

what was marquis de lafayette's personality like

Facts about marquis de lafayette?

Marquis de Lafayette was left handed and had hair to his legs at the age of 12. He went to school for a while.

How did Marquis de Lafayette help win the revolutionary war?

Marquis De Lafayette helped the revolutionary war by volunteering time and cash.

Did marquis de Lafayette had a family?

yes he did

When did marquis de Lafayette get married?