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Its very popular in Japan

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What town where sumo wrestling are popular?

Sumo is popular in most places in Japan. Tokyo is the primary center of sumo.

In which country is sumo wrestling popular?


Is sumo wrestling the most popular sport in China?

Sumo is a Japanese sport, no a Chinese sport. Sumo Wrestling in China, has therefore a limited following.

What wrestling sport is the traditional and popular in Japan?

Japanese Sumo Wrestling.

Where in the United States of America is both sumo wrestling and baseball popular?

only baseball i don't think there is sumo wrestling

What is the city that both sumo wrestling and baseball are popular sports in?

Even though japan is't a city both sumo-wrestling and baseball are every popular

Where is sumo wrestling most popular in Asian?


Why Japan is popular?

One of the reasons Japan is popular is for the sumo wrestling that they perform.

What is the city that both sumo wrestling and baseball are popular in?


Both Baseball and Sumo wrestling are popular in this city?

TokyoJapan is big on both sumo and baseball.

When did sumo wrestling become popular in Japan?

because your momma was fighting and said lets sumo wrestle

Name of a Japanese wrestling?

sumo wrestling is what they do i japan sumo wrestling is what they do in japan

Two most popular sports in japan?

Sumo wrestling and baseball

What are popular team sports played in Japan?

sumo wrestling and baseball

Is sumo wrestling a sport?

Sumo wrestling is a martial art and a sport.

What type of sport is sumo?

It is wrestling cuz its called sumo wrestling

Why isn't sumo wrestling popular in the US?

Because it's not a tradition in the U.S

What are the two most popular spectator sports in japan?

sumo wrestling and baseball

Most popular spectator sports in Japan?

baseball, football and sumo wrestling

What is sumo wrestling of kids call?


Is sumo wrestling in the Olympics?

No, sumo is not an Olympic sport.

How has Japanese sumo wrestling changed over time?

the costumes and culture has changed from sumo wrestling

What are the elders who run the sport of Sumo wrestling called?

The elders in sumo wrestling are known as toshiyori.

Sumo wrestling is the national sport of which country?

JapanSumo wrestling is the national sport in Japan

What is a Japanese wrestling match called?

sumo wrestling... check it out on wikipedia.