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There are two methods of delivering power to an electric train...

(1) Through overhead wires. The engine has a pantograph device on the roof. this is raised until it's in contact with the overhead wires. Current travels down the pantograph, and into the engine.

(2) Through a 'hot shoe' and 'third rail'. The current is fed to an extra rail running either to one side of the existing track, or 'sanwiched' between them. Again the hot-shoe delivers the current to the engine.

Overhead wires are more common in cross country lines, whereas third-rail systems are more common in underground (subway) systems - where overhead space is a premium.

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Q: How power supply is given to electric train?
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Is the metro rail train using ac or dc power supply?

dc power supply

How are computers involved in solar powered train?

There is no such thing as a solar powered train in existence today, and most likely never will be due to the electrical demands on a train. There are plans to use solar power to power an electric train, but it is simply an electric train and the plan to use solar panels for generating the electric power has no impact on the electric train which could be powered by conventional ppwer sources as well.

How does a modern electric train generate power?

Electric trains usually get power from overhead power cables or an electrified third rail below. Locomotives can use diesel fuel to generate electric voltage to run the engine.

Can friction produced by wheels of moving train generate electricity?

yes we can produce electricity by fixing dynamo in traction wheels so heat is produced when the friction of train wheel & track so the dynamo generates an power D.C SUPPLY and is converts into Ac supply so we can use that energy for electric trains use of lights and fans....

How much does an electric train cost?

Many factors, such as size and power, affect the cost of an electric train set. In general, these sets cost anywhere from 60 dollars to nearly 300 dollars.

What is a model train terminal rerailer?

Rerailer is a tool that helps keep the train on track and terminal rerailer is the one that connects the model train to the power supply or electricity.

Difference between steam trains and electric trains?

It takes pressurized steam to move the Pistons in a steam train. It takes a generator to produce electricity to power the motors on his (trucks) wheels on an electric train.

Was there electricity in 1970s train?

In Europe trains have been running on electric power since the 1920'ties, especially in the mountain regions (Alps). Most common supply was/is 15 kV, 16,67 Hz single phase A/C.

What is the normal sequence of power train in a hydraulic excavator?

All Excavators are Diesel Power. But I Think the Massive Excavators are Electric and Diesel

Which word in the phrase electric train set is a noun?

In the term 'electric train set', the nouns are 'train' and set', forming the compound noun 'train set'. The word electric is an adjective describing the train set.

How do you build a train with electricy?

Trains are built with plastic and metal. Electricity is used to run the motor in the train. The train gets the electricity from the track or catenary wire which is connected to the appropriate power supply.

Why don't you get shock in electric train?

If the track is fed by overhead power lines then the track is the return path for the electric current and is at earth potential.That is 0 volts