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It's a bit less powerful than a 12GA. Where the "being shot 9 times" may come from is the 9 pellets in one shell.

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Q: How powerful is a 14 gauge shotgun?
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What is more powerful 20 gauge or 16 gauge shotgun?


What is the most powerful automatic gun?

10 gauge shotgun

Which is stronger a desert eagle or 12 Gage shotgun?

Overall, the .12 gauge shotgun is a substantially more powerful firearm.

What more powerful a12 gauge shot gun or a 9 mm pistol?

Shotgun by far

When did Parker make a 14 gauge shotgun?

Very late in the 1800's

What is better a 10 gauge shotgun or 12 gauge shotgun?

A 10 guage is more powerful with more kick and better range, a 12 guage is the standard issue hunting and war shotgun, it is better if you are not an experienced shooter, it also depends upon what you're doing with the gun

Is The M500A1 shotgun is a 12-gauge caliber shotgun?

Yes. The Mossberg 500A1 is a .12 gauge shotgun.

Is AA-12 shotgun the most powerful shotgun?

Yes it is the most powerful shotgun.

What is your May 14 1901 Columbia 28 gauge shotgun worth?

50-100 USD

What is the browning a bolt 12 gauge shotgun?

A bolt action shotgun in 12 gauge.

Is a 12 gauge shotgun a firearm?

Yes, a 12 gauge shotgun is considered a firearm.

Is 80 gauge or 100 gauge thicker?

There is no such shotgun gauge.

What kind of ammo does a 16 gauge shotgun take?

Standard 16 gauge shotgun shells.

Which is stronger between a 12 gauge and a 20 gauge shotgun?

The gauge of a shotgun is directly related to the size of the barrell. In the cases of shotguns the sizes going from biggest to smallest for 'standard' (not all) shotguns is. 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 16, gauge, 20 gauge, and a .410 bore shotgun (410 is not a gauge but a caliber)

Can a 12 gauge shotgun shoot 20 gauge ammo?

No, you can not shoot anything but 12 gauge shotgun shells through a 12 gauge shotgun. Never use any ammunition other than what the firearm was designed for.

What is the most powerful shotgun gauge?

I know that 8 gauges are made, but I'me sure that there are specialty guns that are in even larger gauges.

Is the ranger shotgun used in Call of Duty a real weapon?

yeah they are 12 gauge sawoff shotguns, they are awesome and extremely powerful

What gauge shell do you use in a JCHiggins model 583.14 15 gauge?

Actually the shotgun uses 16 gauge shells i have the same shotgun

What is 20 gauge shotgun?

It is a shotgun with 20 gauges.

How far can you shoot a 12 gauge shotgun?

a 12 gauge shotgun can shoot about 30 yards accuracy

Is a 20 gauge shotgun with KK on the side worth anything?

what is 20 gauge shotgun with kk worth

What is the difference between a 20 gauge shotgun then a 12 gauge adult shotgun?

The 12 gage has a bigger barrel then a youth 20 gage shotgun.

What is the most powerful shotgun made?

I have heard of 4 gauge shotguns used to bust up slag in steel furnaces. 10 gauge is the largest available today for hunting & defense.

Which is stroger between a 12 gauge and a 20 gauge?

12 gauge shotgun

What is the strongest shotgun?

no its the 8 gauge side by side Elephant Gun..a very deadly shotgun!! no its the AA-12 Actually it goes farther back than a 8 gauge there a some shot guns that are mounted on cars because the are that powerful.