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Q: How prosthetics had advanced in time?
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What does biotechnology have to do with prosthetics?

what does biotechnology have to with prosthetics?

How to abbreviate the word prosthetics?

P&O - Prosthetics and Orthotics

How long does it take to get a degree in prosthetics?

I would love to work a job making prosthetics. What degree do I need? And what school in florida?Also any info on prosthetics would be great!

What is the definition of prosthetics?

The definition of Prosthetics is: The branch of medicine dealing with the production and use of artificial body parts.

What rhymes with cosmetics?


What is another alternative of latex whe making prosthetics?

The other alternative for latex whe making prosthetics is gelatin.

What does prosthetics deal with?

Prostheses are mechanical devices used to replace missing body parts. People usually think of prosthetics as artificial limbs. However, hearing aids and dentures are also considered to be prosthetics.

Who is qualified to make prosthetics?


What is is dental prosthetics?

is the implant of teeth

How do prosthetics improve quality of life?

Prosthetics increase mobility and give u the ability to play sports or to live a normal life.

When did prosthetics become a science?

It was not until the 16th century, through the efforts of French surgeon Ambroise Pare, that prosthetics became a science.

What do highly advanced time mean?

It is the time where there are many advanced things