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How quickly will a vitamin c tablet dissolve in water?


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This depends on the temperature, stirring, dimension of granules.

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This depends on the nature of tablet, temperature of water, stirring, crushing of the tablet to a fine powder, etc.

As a rule, solids (like a Vitamin C tablet) dissolve faster in hot water than cold water. As you raise the temperature, the fugacity of the solid increases thus increasing the driving force for dissolving.

This happens because heat makes the particles of the tablet speed up and move around quickly, causing the tablet to dissolve. Generally the solubility of solid materials in liquids is increasing with an increase of the temperature.

A tablet cannot be dissolved by soda. This is because it has different chemicals than water. If you are ever sick always dissolve it in water. or maybe just eat the tablet plain!

the vitamin will dissolve in warm water first becaus the warm water will start to heat up the object and then the vitamin will become to soft to stay togather is water soluble

Molecules move faster around the tablet. The tablet gets disturbed and dissolves quicker

This depends on the nature of tablet, temperature of water, stirring, crushing of the tablet to a fine powder, etc.

Such vitamins are called as water soluble vitamins they include vitamin B-complex and vitamin-C

Yes it disolves quickly in fresh water and slows down as the water become saltier

asprin tablets dissolve quicker in hot water because the particles inside the tablet are more affected by hot water

You could use an Alka-Seltzer tablet and record how long it takes for the tablet to dissolve in different temperatures. Since particles move faster in hot water then the Alka-Seltzer tablet should dissolve quicker.

so how does sugar dissolve In? And how it doesn't dissolve in oil?

The colder the tablet the longer it will take for it to dissolve.

In hot water the molecules move around more quickly. This means that when they bombard the alka seltzer tablet, they do so more quickly and with more force. This has the effect of dissolving the tablet more quickly.

As the name suggests, in a fat or oil. You could also use an emulsifier if you want to dissolve it in water.

Yes, it will, though not as quickly as in hot water.

Solids dissolve a lot more quickly in hot water because the heat breaks up the particles more quickly, where as the cold would make the particles stay stronger/closer together :)

the tablets have a special coating that breaks down when placed in water and then that's when the tablet starts to fizz.

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