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This depends on the temperature, stirring, dimension of granules.

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Q: How quickly will a vitamin c tablet dissolve in water?
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Do tablets dissolve quickly in water?

This depends on the nature of tablet, temperature of water, stirring, crushing of the tablet to a fine powder, etc.

Does a vitamin C tablet dissolve faster in hot or cold water?

As a rule, solids (like a Vitamin C tablet) dissolve faster in hot water than cold water. As you raise the temperature, the fugacity of the solid increases thus increasing the driving force for dissolving.

Why does a alka-seltzer tablet dissolve slower in cold water?

This happens because heat makes the particles of the tablet speed up and move around quickly, causing the tablet to dissolve. Generally the solubility of solid materials in liquids is increasing with an increase of the temperature.

Which vitamins dissolve in water?

Vitamin C

Does vitamin c dissolve in water?

YES it does #

How does a tablet dissolve in soda?

A tablet cannot be dissolved by soda. This is because it has different chemicals than water. If you are ever sick always dissolve it in water. or maybe just eat the tablet plain!

Does vitamin B dissolve in water? is water soluble

What happens when a vitamin C tablet dissolves in water?

This vitamin C realses gas

Will a vitamin dissolve faster in cold water or warm water first?

the vitamin will dissolve in warm water first becaus the warm water will start to heat up the object and then the vitamin will become to soft to stay togather

Does hot water make the tablet dissolve faster?


Does water at boiling or cold dissolve the tablet faster?


Does a vitamin dissolve faster in water or soda?

Soda is 99 % water.

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