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Q: How remove gold in the rocks video?
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How do you remove objects in video game tycoon gold edition?

select it and press delete on your keyboard

How much does gold rocks sell for?

theres no such thing as gold rocks

In Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond how many flags do you need to get in the underground to get a platinum flag?

50 flags stolen=platinum(remove all rocks in base) 10 flags stolen=gold(remove 10 rocks in base) 3 flags stolen=silver(remove 5 rocks in base) 1 flag stolen=bronze(remove 1 rock in base)

When was Video Gold created?

Video Gold was created in 2005.

What kind of rocks can you find gold in?

Gold is usually found in metamorphic rock but can also be found in sedimentary rock. In deep mines, quartz rock is found in association with gold.

How do you remove rocks in Animal Crossing Wild World?

You can't remove rocks from your town.

Where do you get small rocks big rocks in heart gold?

What in the world are small rocks and bg rocks?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

What is gold mining?

Gold mining is digging for rocks to find gold.

What portion of the Moon's rocks is gold?

Zero. No gold was found in any of the rocks that have been brought back to earth.

Can you find real gold in rocks?

Better try alluvial rocks

Pokemon pearl how to get rid of rocks in secret base?

To remove rocks, you must simply have the following: -Another DS or DSI and another Pokemon Diamond/Pearl game -A friend with the items above -Action Replay (and code for 100 captured flags) How to remove rocks: To remove rocks in your base, you must simply steal your opponent's flag from his/her base and then go to your PC and press 'Put Away', then remove (a) rock(s) Stealing 1 flag (bronze flag)- You can remove 1 rock 3 Flags (Silver flag)- You can remove 5 rocks 10 Flags (Gold flag)- You can remove 10 rocks 50 Flags (Platinum flag)- Able to remove all rocks Note: When you've reached Platinum Flag, you will earn a star on your trainer card. -Pyrenix

What does gold look like when on the rock?

In California there is a lot of gold on rocks and it often looks like glitter or gold specks. It can often be referred to as foolÍs gold and is found in river banks on rocks.