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Q: How scientist believe lighting is formed?
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How is the univers formed?

Scientist believe that the universe by a giant explosion called the big bang .

How do scientist believe that a ozone layer formed and what does it allow for?

Ozone layer is formed by UV rays. It allows us protection from the UV rays.

How thunders will be formed?

thunder is formed by the crack of lighting

What do scientist believe happened 4.6 billion years ago?

Earth and the other planets formed around this time.

What do most scientists believe is the origin of the moons?

Scientist theorize that a planet-sized object collided with earth and the moon formed

What kind of scientist studies Lighting Storms?

A meteorologist , a weather scientist or (weatherman) in popular usage.

What do scientist believe that when the earth was first formed its crust was made of metamorphic rock?

Sorry, when the earth first formed it was entirely molten, so the first solid rock on earth was igneous.

Is it possible to be a scientist and still believe in god?

A scientist may or may not believe in God. A non-scientist also may or may not believe in God.

What do scientist believe is happening is to the segments of earth's crust?

what do scientist believe is happening to the segments of the earths crust

When did scientist believe your solar system formed?

The solar system is believed to have formed about 5 billion years ago, and by the way, why do you call it YOUR solar system? Do you come from a different solar system? Because if not, then it's OUR solar system.

In what period do scientist believe horticulture begin?

the period that scientist believe HORTICULTURE began was in the LATE ARCHAIC PERIOD

What is formed when lighting makes gases in the air react?

Nitrogen Oxide