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Very serious, get one-to-one medical advice (doctor, hospital) straight away.

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Q: How serious is a 103.2 temp in a 10 month old baby?
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What is the average temp. for a 7 month old baby?

did you know 30.6 is the average for a 7month year old

What is the normal body temperature of a 1 month old baby?

normal temp for a 5 month old is between 36.5 and 37.5 that's what our family doctor told us when our 5 month old had a temp. hope this was of some help. Denise.

What should you do with 16 month old baby temp 39.3 ceil and wont take fluids?

eh go the doctors

How serious is low body temp in infants?

See a doctor. The baby won't be able to keep its body functioning properly if it gets too cold. The baby could die of Hypothermia.

Your babys temp is 36.8 is that ok?

Im sorry to inform you on the topic but a child with a temp of 36.8 will have serious sexual problems when he is of age. one of the biggest dissapointments is that you will not be able to be a grandparent if your child ever reaches such a temp. this being said, life's hard, get a helmet. sincerely, n baby

If a 2 yr old has temp of 95.6 could this be serious?

Depending on what their regular temp. is, then yes, it could be very dangerous!

Is 96.08 too high for baby temp?

very high!!

How cold is ulaanbaatar?

It depends on the month, usual average low temp. in January remains about -26.5 to 22.7 (average high temp. in June)

What is the average rainfall for the month of May at Malolo Island?

139mm of rain per month , 11 rain days on average out of 31 days of the month. (appx 5.5inches of rain) Temp high: 31 low: 20, water temp about 30 Celsius (90 f)

Can the use of Dimethyl ether and propane on warts effect a nursing baby?

You're not supposed to apply this stuff to a baby's skin at all. It goes to a skin temp of about 0F for which there is no data for babies. It could cause SERIOUS burning and scarring for the child. If you talking about using it on yourself and then nursing... there are no known side effects.

Is it good when baby's temperature is high to wash him?

No it is not good to give the baby a bath when he has a temperature you get a cool wash cloth that will help with the baby's temp!then you give the baby a warm bottle of formula or milk either way works just don't give him alot that will brind his temp up alot!

Is a 21 month old have a fever when temperature is 100.3?

If a adult has a fever temp. as high as 100.3, they have a fever. So, no doubt a 21 month old has one.