How server is monitored?

Updated: 12/10/2022
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server is monitored by the hotel manager and supervisor.. if the customer gives the order the server should respond to them properly..

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Q: How server is monitored?
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How is hipaa compliance monitored?

It is monitored by PCI, FIPS, HIPPA and SOX. They use an EFT server which is very hard to hack and the military uses it and fortune 500 companies use it.

What exactly is an ad server?

An Ad Server uses technology to place advertisements on to individual websites. The technology allows the number of views can be monitored to ensure that the advertisements are appropriate to the users of the website.

Can a Mac be monitored on a windows server?

Most server monitoring solutions will not discriminate on what they monitor. Something like NetCrunch 8 is installed on a Windows device, but can monitor Mac, BSD, Linux, etc.

How do see server doing by client?

A client cannot see what a server is doing; the only thing that can be monitored by the client is the data communication between the client and the server. If the client needs to see what is going on in the server then the client needs to connect to the server using remote desktop protocol, Terminal Services, telnet, or some other way to directly connect to the server.

How can I search for a commercial server monitoring service?

Uptime Inspector is a great web service that allows you to have your server monitored from any location. To find out more details, you should visit the website

Are you monitored on a website?

Not unless you are accessing it through a proxy server (large network of computers with controlled internet access) i.e. in a prison, school or office.

Should media be monitored?

There are many media watchdog groups already, so yes, it is monitored. It should not be monitored by the government.

Can text free with voice messages be monitored?

yes they can b monitored

What tornado activity is monitored by the?

Tornado Activity is monitored by the National Weather Service.

What is a sentence with the word monitored?

The participants of the study were monitored closely by the scientists.CCTV cameras are monitored twenty-four hours a day as a deterrent against crime.

What sensor equipment is needed for server room monitoring?

Server rooms must be monitored very closely for things such as main access control, environmental status and backup power sources. The most important sensory equipment to have is that for temperature and humidity. To be more protected, you may also want to add smoke, flood, and energy consumption sensors.

What part of speech is monitored?

The word monitored is a verb. It is the past tense form of "monitor".