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How should i care for a rabbit pet?


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Go to Lennon the bunny!

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Yes, they are! I have had a rabbit for 3 years. Pets help children learn to CARE for OTHER living creatures, and the HUGE responsibility associated with pet care.

Answer:well i have a beutiful snow shoe hare you should bath him/her and care for it that's it

hamsters are much easier to care for than rabbits. i used to have a pet rabbit and she was really hard to care for.

of course yes! Although the rabbit will run away!

No, a pet shop is not the best place. So many rabbits are abandoned and unwanted. Make sure that you understand the care that will be needed for a rabbit before you decide to get one for a pet. You can go to an animal shelter in your area and find a perfect rabbit for you. They can help you select a healthy rabbit that will be the right size and temperament for you. That way you can adopt a rabbit that was given up by someone who could not care for the rabbit.

well, i have a pet rabbit and a pet rat and the rabbit is alot harder! the rat doesn't need too much attention. the rabbit needs to get played with everyday and needs to be cleaned every 2 days.

Pet rabbits, like all pets, can only survive through the care they're given by their owners. Pets have lost many of their wild instincts and they aren't able to care for themselves. Rabbit owners have a responsibility to do the best possible to care for their rabbit. People who are not willing or able to do the best possible should not bring a rabbit home; if they already have one, they should find a new home for her. Not having enough money is not an excuse to deny your rabbit or any pet care: you must, in this case, find someone who can afford the rabbit. Rabbits need regular veterinary care, as well as vet care in the event of any and all illnesses and injuries. See the related questions below.

cold sores can kill your pet rabbit but if you take care of the sore and clean the sore but if you don't take of the sore the bacteria will speard and the sore will close but then the bacteria will spread and then will kill your pet rabbit take care of your pet and stop animal cruelty

If a pet rabbit is a house rabbit it needs a suitable enclosed area inside the house big enough for the rabbit to do three BIG consecutve hops. If a pet rabbit is an outdoor rabbit then it will need a big hutch raised off the ground with a sloping roof and some protection from rain. Again, the hutch should be big enough for the rabbit to do three BIG consecutive hops. If a pet rabbit is living with another pet rabbit (recommended) then the hutch will need to be doubly big. My two pet rabbits have Molly's Mansion as their hutch.

pet rabbit... you can get some for $10.00 CAN

You can have a relative or friend take care of your rabbit. Some pet stores offer animal boarding services, so they could take care of it. Make sure you write a list of how to care for your rabbit to give to the person who will take care of it. Here are some things you should list: * How much hay to feed it * How many fruits or vegetables each day * What kind of veggies or fruits * How many pellets you feed it * How often to clean the bedding * How often(if needed) they should brush the rabbit * How much bedding to put in * How much exercise the rabbit needs each day * Where you exercise your rabbit

It mainly depends on the temperament of the rabbit and how 'mature' your young child is. I have found that, although a little larger, the sweet tempered and calm Havana Rabbit is better suited to be a pet for a young child. Of course all live animals should be supervised when in the care of a child.

Rabbits are social creatures that thrive on the care and attention of his or her owner. Each rabbit has an individual personality that can vary from calm and relaxed to shy and jittery. The average life span of a rabbit is 10 years. You should not get a rabbit unless you are fully committed to giving him or her the proper care they need.If you decide to get a rabbit, please consider adopting one from a shelter. There is a rabbit overpopulation problem in the United States and buying from pet stores and breeders only contributes to the problem. Please research rabbit care via online search engines to better understand proper rabbit care.

Totally! My friend has a rabbit, I take care of it (easy), and it is very fuzzy!

If you have the time, money, and interest, you can have a domestic rabbit as a pet.It is not recommended to keep a wild rabbit as a pet.Rabbits are very different from cats and dogs. Before you get a rabbit, you should:Research rabbit care and behaviourLook around your local area for rabbit resources (not all vets are "rabbit-savvy," and not all pet stores carry rabbit supplies)Set up the rabbit's habitat and buy all necessary suppliesThis way you can make an informed decision about whether a bunny is the right pet for you, and you can provide a secure and comfortable home for the bunny from day one. Most behavioural and health problems are avoidable through proper care!Rabbit Care and BehaviourThere are tons of great websites that can help you learn how to take care of rabbits. Your local library also probably has books on the subject. You can start with the related questions linked below. Consider these subjects:Diet - hay, pellets, fresh fruits and vegetablesHealth - grooming, first aid, vet careCompanionship & protection from other animalsHabitat - crate/pen, litter, toys/play structures, bunny-proofing

If you have a pet, you should have pet insurance. It is helpful in taking care of your pets and they would get the care they need. To get aspca insurance would be ideal for the coverage and the care of your pet.

Yes, dandilions are safe for your pet rabbit!

Any rabbit. Although if your a beginner you should get a lop eared rabbit! They are gentle. Just don't pull its ears!

There is no breed of rabbit that doesn't die easily if it isn't properly cared for. See the related questions below for information about pet rabbit care and behaviour.

a rabbit is a good pet but you have to pick up after it every week

The duration of Elmer's Pet Rabbit is 420.0 seconds.

A half New Zealand White or A crossbred or 'pet' rabbit

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