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Tell her... or just ask to go shopping for one

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Q: How should i tell my mom that its time she got me my first bra I'm 14 and in yr 9?
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How should you see your aunty in bra?

you should first call her to stay in your home but don't call her husband.sleep with her.when she is sleeping take your hand to her breast. then tell her can i see in bra.

How should you know your bra size?

You could measure it. if there are tags on the bra that tell you, then look for it.

Where should you get your first bra?

The store...

When should a girl buy a bra?

Around the age 9-13, a girl will get her first bra or training bra.

How can you tell your mom you need a bra besides just flat out telling her?

actually, it's not tht hard to tell her. i did it! all you have to do is start by saying something like, " mom, some of my friends got their first bra, and i think i should probably get mine soon also." this is how i did it. it worked for me. and it's normal to need a bra first at around the age of nine or ten. i hope this helped! :)

When should you wear a bra for the first time?

many places have them you should probaly start with Target or Walmart depending on your size but i would go with thatIf you have a C or higher i suggest adult section at JCPennys or Macy'smost would start with Target and I think that would be your best starting place

Till what time till girls of age 14 should wear bra?

When a girl should wear a bra is not based on a certain age. She should wear a bra when her breasts start showing.

Can someone tell you your bra size?

Someone can only tell you your bra size if you get someone in a bra fitting store to measure your breasts with your bra on.

How do you tell mom that i want a bra now?

Just be open with her. Tell her that you are developing and that you think you should start wearing bras. You might be a little embarassed at first but then when you start wearing them its not ebarassing to talk about it.

How should a girl tell her parent if she thinks she should start wearing a sports bra?

If you haven't asked your mom to buy you bra's yet this is what you should do.Get all the courage you can, make your statement as clear as you can and ask your mom if you can talk to her, go into her bedroom and sit down on the bed. Say "Mom, I was wondering if you can buy me bra's. I think it's time for you to buy me some." If she doesn't agree that you need one, ask her for training bra's. If you can't get the courage to ask her in person, write a note and put it in her purse. She will soon notice it and she will probably ask you when you want to go buy them. I would prefer the note, if you can't get the courage.I have the same problem but i am too scared to ask or wright a noteI don't want to tell my mom I'm embarrassed

Why should little girl wear a bra?

If they do develop breasts then she should, I am 10 and I dont wear a bra! Some are comfortable, my friends have them, my mum says I dont need them, but I tell her that my breast feels droopy without a bra. How old is your daughter? You should really be atleast 10 to wear a bra! It depends on your breast size

How old should you have a bra at?

well I got my first not padded bra in grade 3 and my first Padded bra in grade 5 that is quite early i think a good age is when ever you think your ready