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How should the U'S deal with other countries?

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suck up their issues with other countries and deal with it differently

no Do the people in those other countries want us there?

From the moment it was created the US has had to deal with other countries, just like any country needs to deal with other countries. No country can exist in total isolation, so countries immediately become involved in foreign affairs. Some countries get more involved than others. As a world power then it is natural that the US has a large amount of foreign affairs to deal with.

As the US version of Deal or No Deal has been officially canceled, it is not possible to become a Deal or No Deal model, at least in the US. Other countries, such as the Netherlands, may have to go through a rigorous process to do so.

No other country will ever, nor should ever, adopt the US Constitution.

the other countries owe weapons from the US

The US should trade with other nations to expand its economy and help out not only these nations, but the US itself. The US doesn't have an unlimited amount of resources, so it needs everything it can get.

the us created the we are the world song and i don't no what other countries did

There are no other countries in the US.

Compared to other countries, the US is the third largest country in the world.

The only real way is to lead by example to other countries, at the moment the US is not a exemplar in this area.

no because itcan cause us to have lots of problems with other nations also it can cuz us as the united states to begin conflict with other nations. What their nation has to deal with should be none of our buisness

Because the U.S. felt as one of the most powerful countries in the world, they had to help other countries and help other people who's government doesn't stand for freedom as much as they should.

Other countries that celebrate Thanksgiving other than the US are Canda, Norfolk island and Liberia

All national flags should be at the same height, and the same size.

Yes, the Pacific Ocean does border 3 other countries other than the US

is nuclear deal useful for us? why nuclear deal is useful for us? is nuclear deal useful for us? why nuclear deal is useful for us? is nuclear deal useful for us? why nuclear deal is useful for us? is nuclear deal useful for us? why nuclear deal is useful for us?

What did a "bootlegger" smuggle into the United States from other countries?

it helps us get to other countries!

I am not sure what you mean. The US is a country itself, so it would contain no other countries.

There are no other countries inside the US. It is all one country.

no because it will cause the other countries torebel,and probably cause them to retaliate

Yes, The US president is a US citizen. In all other countries, No. Most presidents in other countries are forbidden from holding citizenship in another country.

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