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Q: How should you approach crossroads of equal importance?
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What type of boss do you prefer?

Friendly open minded , should give equal importance to all.

What are the importance of proportionate development?

for a equal development of a country.

What is the importance of the decleration of independance?

It states that a government exists for the benefit of the people and that "all men are created equal. So it is important because people need equal rights. Also everyone should be treated equally.

Which is more important hardware or software?

Both are of equal importance.

Who is the most important among boys and girls?

none.When God created both man and woman they were both equal in his sight.Therefore there is none equal than the other and nonr should feel inferior to the other.this fact make both girls and boys of equal importance.

Which symbol entered Christian iconography as an extension of the pagan religions?

The Cross. In Pagan practices it is an equal armed cross, it represents the elements, the directions, and crossroads.

How many themes of equal importance were used in ragtime compositions?


Is it true in a democratic government each individual's opinion is of equal importance?


What Music where all 12 tones of the chromatic scale are of equal importance is?


A teaching approach in which two or more teachers have equal responsibilities and status is called?

team teaching.

What are the three things have equal importance in Chinese cuisine?

# The taste of the food # How it smells # How it looks

When an outline is coordinated items with equal importance?

use the same type of letter or numeral