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If you like the person back, tell them You don't mind, but you'd rather go out first. If youonly like them as a friend then tell them you'll let it slide (It was just a peck kiss right) and you only want to be friends. If it was the whole ten yards kiss, same advise, if you are up to it.

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Why should you not hunt?

But you could react to another person and might shoot him :(

How does Juliet react to romeo in their first meeting?

She flirts with him, and kisses him after 14 lines of dialogue.

How does Ron react when Harry kisses Ginny?

He's ok with it as long as they keep the kissing to a minimum.

How did people react to Dorothea Dix's work?

they hated her becasue she was a good person the should die

What happens if a boy who is your best friend kisses you on the lips how would you react?

I think that you should talk to him about it. If he is your best friend, you won't want to lose his friendship. Ask him what made him do that, you just need to talk to him about it.

What to do when you start loosing your best friend?

If you feel like you are loosing your best friend you should ask that person if the two of you can talk. Express your feelings to that person and see how they react.

In new moon how does edward react to seeing Bella again?

hugs and kisses he sys hes sorry and will never leave her again then purposes

When you are ignored what should you do?

You can do one of two things, don't react to it so that you don't give them the satisfaction or ask the person what you have done wrong.

How should the state react the violation of law?

The state should react according to their jurisdiction in comprehension of the violations of law

How long does it take a glow stick to react?

it should react immediately after snapping it.

What do you do if you have a crush on a person but the person doesn't like you back?

Well,maybe you should just find someone else to like. Maybe you should be more sweet to them, if not already done so, to see how they would react. However, if you really respect that person, then you should let them choose their own path with whom they want to be with.

How should you react to a hurricane?


If a boy pulls you how should you react?

you should stay calm

How should a girl react to a erection?

She should put it in her mouth.

Insults from famous people?

i will react as i will answer a normal person

What does it mean for characters' words to interact in dialog?

It means that the characters react to each other's words.

Why doesn't my boyfriend give me a kisses?

He's afraid. Tell him how you feel and it may become better Tell him how you feel and it may become better he dos not no how u will react

In a deleted scene of Sonic X how does Shadow react when Rouge kisses him on the cheek?

Rouge has never kissed Shadow. She does kiss Tails on the cheek in one episode though.

How do you think Annabel should react to jimmy safe cracking tool and skills in retrieve reformation?

I think Annabel and her family should react curious

Does a person like you if they ask if you like them?

It rather surely means they like you, yes, but not necessarily as in they want to date you. You should be able to tell what exactly they meant with it by how they react to your answer.

How should a boy react if a girl does not respond him properly?

I am not sure what you mean by "respond properly". Expectations are from the person who is asking and if he thinks she was rude or something else he should just walk away. She is not worth his time.

What is a reaction time of a old person?

they react a year later!

The amount of time it takes a person to perceive a stimulus and react to it?

reaction time ----a+ foolThe amount of time it takes a person to perceive a stimulus and react to it is averagely 1 to 1.5 seconds.

What is the shape of the keep right sign and how should the driver react when he sees one?

what is the shape of a keep right sign and how should a driver react when he sees one?

How do you react if husband caught you cheating?

You have no right or reason to react; if anyone should be reacting, it should be home. You should see a couples counselor & talk to one another to figure out if the marriage can be saved.

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