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You can achieve a very smooth finish if the labor is expended for a steel trowel finish. This normally requires more manpower or less area during the shoot.

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Q: How smooth a finish can be achieved with shotcrete?
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What is the square foot price of shotcrete?

shotcret cost $65 to $130 a yard is equipment labour need only to place and finish shotcrete. add set up for less than 100 yard

Is gunite or shotcrete cheaper?

Gunite is cheaper However shotcrete is stronger

How do you get a high quate smooth finish on a peace of wood?

Assuming you meant "How do you get a high quality smooth finish on a piece of wood" - Use progressively finer sand-paper to smooth the surface.

Is Shotcrete or Gunite better to use when having a pool built?

This very subject has been debated for years. I can tell with full confidence, that gunite is much better than shotcrete. Both are good depending on the builder.. I can tell you with full confidence, having worked for more than thirty years with both gunite and shotcrete that shotcrete is far superior to gunite. Shotcrete will test out stronger, to much room for human error with gunite.

How do you know when the correct timing is achieved?

the car will run smooth. a timing light is required to do this

When would you use sheetrock?

When you want smooth walls that are easy to finish.

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Gunite or shotcrete?

Gunite = Cement (shot from a gun) Shotcrete = Concrete (shot from a gun) Gunite is cheaper and easier to use. Concrete is more expensive and lasts much longer.

What is a smoothing plane used for?

its used 2 produce the wood with a smooth finish

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Is there a product to be mixed with shotcrete that will substitute for rebar in an in ground pool?


Where can you find out how to apply shotcrete?

Two different process of applying shotcrete are,Dry mix processWet mix processDry mix process is more successful and generally used.

What side of linen paper do you write on?

One side is smooth like normal paper, and one side has a cloth-like finish. This finish is what is usually desired by the purchaser of linen paper products. In the end, you can use either side depending on what finish you want - but if you want smooth, there are cheaper alternatives.

How do you get a mirror smooth finish with enamel paint?

Perfect surface preparation and spray application.

What is the best type of paint to give cast iron a smooth as glass finish?

Polished epoxy

What is the best aluminum surface finish to glue a gasket on?

A smooth, clean surface containing no grease.

What is the better finish for a swimming pool smooth or rough finish?

It depends on your tendency and preference.Smooth finishing is good in that it makes cleaning easier but it increases the risk of slipping.However, rough finishing is better to avoid slipping but it makes cleaning not so easy.

Painted over vinyl with matt emulsion its like sandpaper effect it peeled as painting then dried and cracked Can I sandpaper down the matt and paint over with vinyl again to get a smooth finish?

Yes, you will need to sand the wall again and repaint with vinyl to get a smooth finish.

What is a good sentence using mar?

If you touch the varnish while it is still wet you will mar the smooth finish.

Is a gunite or shotcrete?

Gunite was first used in early 1900's and this process is mostly used for pneumatical application of mortar of less thickness.Shotcrete is recent development on the similar principle of guniting for achieving greater thickness with small coarse aggregates.

What is printograph?

I think this is a type of printer that puts the UV coating on the media to make a real shiny, smooth finish.

What does acid etching do to concrete?

It remove the silicates the give concrete its smooth finish and creates a profile for mechanical adhesion.

What is Justin bieber's favorite aftershave?

He tweeted that he loves Gillete's Aftershave because it's a super smooth finish

What is the meaning of surface finish?

Surface finish is the term given by designers for the desired surface finish desired on their finished product. It is usually measured in micrometers (um) and can be measured by surface roughness gauge's, or simple "scratch plates" where by you run your fingernail over a number of plates and determine which is the closest match to your product. Surface finishes can be achieved by a number of different manufacturing methods, but in metal it is usually achieved by machining, grinding, lapping or polishing.

How is wood stain applied?

Can be done with a brush, rag or sponge. -I prefer to use a smooth rag for what I feel is best finish.